Speed Up You Android Phone Times Faster

I have been reading news about the latest OS for Iphone which is iOS 7.1, and I was pretty impressed with the reviews. One of the thing that caught my attention is the dramatic increase of speed. As a tech, all that matters to me is the speed and how productive I can be with a specific OS either it's Android, Windows Phone, or Apple.

So I was curious how come it's a lot faster compaired to the previous iOS? Then I learned that simply because they cut the transition time of an app to make users experience the speed up of openning an app. Nice marketing startegy eh?

Android is more robust than iOS, and did you know that you can also increase the speed of your Android by cutting the transition speed like what iOS 7.1 did? Yes, although it's a bit tricky, but it doesn't require a super user to do that. All you need is the resources I provided below.

speeding up Android 4.2 phone

Follow the instructions on how-to speed up your Android 4.2 phone.

1. Go to settings menu, and tap on "About phone".

2. Scroll down to the buttom and look for "Build number."

3. Tap it seven (7) times. Keep on tapping until you'll see the developer settings.

According to source, Android has hidden this option in Android 4.2 because ordinary users don't need this settings.

4. Look for;
                      Window animation scale
                      Transition animation scale
                      Animator animation scale
                      Change thier value to .5x

That's it! You should notice a dramatic increase of speed in your Android phone now.

What this does is it will make the app transition faster.

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