Cheapest Computer Repair Services in Cebu

Last year we launched the Online Windows Tech group that provide home service computer repair in Cebu. We have helped several customers both locals and foreigners in Cebu. Most of the offices we visit are still looking up for us to continue maintaining their computers, but we didn't have time to continue due to conflict schedules with the rest of the team members. 

Now, we decided to relaunch the most comprehensive, and cheapest computer repair services in Cebu. We call it On-site Computer Repair Cebu. We have learned a lot of things in the past regarding how to run this business, and we made it even better to satisfy our customers needs. We now partnered with known hardware repair technicians so if our customers will have problem with the hardware, we won't be leaving them on a dead end.

On-site Computer Repair Cebu now offers Data recovery for your lost files in your USB drive, MicroSD, etc... Which was not included in our service in Online Windows Tech before. We also now provide full version of Microsoft Windows Operating system with just a small amount add-on for Computer Format/Clean installation. We now provide network setup for Internet Cafe's, home and small office networking, file and printer sharing, and print server configuration.

Our minimum charge is P 300.00 pesos only. This price is Fixed. Most of the time, what we learned from Online Windows Tech is that, customers describe the problem differently from the actual problem. Since we don't do regular charge before, when we found out that the problem is hardware, we just end up referring them to a local hardware computer repair shop. We go home empty handed, and not even have the amount to pay our gas.

Here are the complete price list:

1. Operating System Re-installation/ Computer Reformat / Operating System Repair

      A. If you have the Product key and Windows OS installer - P 500.00
      B. If you DON'T have the Product key and Windows OS installer - P 1,000.00

2. PC troubleshooting, PC Tune Up, & PC Security (Virus Removal) – P500.00

3. Microsoft Office Product Installation and Anti-Virus Software – P500.00

4. Router (Wifi) Configuration and Security - P 500.00

5. Printer configuration/setup, Network Printer - P 500.00

6. Hardware issues – Price to be determined based on affected hardware part. (service may take more than 1-2 weeks of fix depending on severity of issue)

We guarantee a 100% resolution or it's free! We also provide 2 weeks service warranty. if the issue recur within 2 weeks, we will fix it for FREE!

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