Program Won't Uninstall in Windows 7

Just finished working on an installation and uninstallation issue. The problem was regarding the Windows live mail on a virus infected computer.

We can't send and received e-mail because everytime we try to refresh the send and received it gives error message regarding the server configuration.

So we performed all the basic troubleshooting from uninstalling the Windows Essentials, reinstalling, updating, uninstalling again, and re-installing...none of the troubleshootings worked. I even consulted one of the senior tech's but looking at the notes of troubleshooting I did, they suggested to repair install the operating system.

I don't want to do that because it would be a hassle in the customer's end. So what I did is used this fixit tool from Microsoft.

Microsoft Fixit tool for Uninstallation and installation problem

This tool will automatically repair issues that block programs from installation or removal due to corrupted registry keys.

I'm not really a fan of Microsoft fixit tool because they rarely work, but for this specific tool. I give it a thumbs up... 

This tool is useful for uninstalling program that doesn't show up on the programs and features in the control panel, or from the root folder of the application itself.