What Would You Do? Girlfriends Fake Pregnancy Test

Time for some social reaction post:

One of my all time favorite TV show is ABC's "What would you do?". The TV Show is all about social experiment. They're trying to put an ordinary people into a situation where it would test their real attitude, and stand about things.

In this episode, A girlfriend is desperate to be married to his boyfriend and she sorted out buying a fake positive pregnancy test. This was witnessed by people in a restaurant, let's see what would they do, and what would you do? comment below... thanks

My Collection of VIP MAC Addresses for Globe Wimax

I've been collecting 2-3 mac addresses, and VIP mac for 3 years now. I can't even remember what works and what not in my notes. I have a stable 8-10mbps mac address which I reserve for myself, so I decided to share the other vip mac I have collected since it's Christmas anyways... consider this as my present to all of you my beloved readers.

Try it at your own risk but rest assured I don't post mac address that may damage your modem because I won't gain anything from doing that, and it would just ruin my blogs reputation.

My personal advise is just be patient with finding mac since there are VIP mac addresses that may work on a different location and may not work to your current location.

Ready, set, go!

VIP mac addresses 8-10 mbps

Globe Wimax VIP mac address 2 - 5 mbps


Globe Wimax VIP mac address 2 - 5 mbps

2-3 mbps mac for all! 


Merry Christmas and Have a safe and Happy New Year to All of us!

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Stop Sharing Negative News


Unlike in the 90s, information nowadays can easily be access online. Even Government announcements like if there's a typhoon or earthquake, people all over the world will know it real time. This is one of the many benefits social media sites brings. However, its also becoming a source of defamation, and wrong information.

Based on my observation, bad news gets many shares than good news. People seemed to be interested in sharing negative news, especially about Government, to their friends rather than positive and inspiring ones.

This trends were seened by the black hat SEO's as an opportunity to get visits on their websites, and Likes to their Facebook pages.

As a concerned netizen, I am calling you all out my fellow netizen to stop sharing negative links or posts which would only discourage our fellow Filipino's. Instead, share positive posts and encouraging links. We have the power to influence lives of others by the simple posts we share so use it wisely and stop sharing negative thoughts to people.

Don't get me wrong. I want change from the rotten political system in our country too! I'm not saying that we totally stop sharing negative posts about our Government. What I'm suggesting is that, stop sharing negative posts that are baseless and with personal motives. Before you share, make sure you read and check the credibility of the article or else you will look stupid by people who knows the truth.

How To Compress Video's Without Losing it's Quality‏

Compress your Video File without Losing quality

This tutorial would be very helpful if you're saving memory space in a USB drive for movies or external hard drives. I also use it to compress my videos before uploading to YouTube. The lighter the size of the video, the faster it is to be uploaded in Facebook or YouTube...

Here are the steps:

1. Download and install the software Handbrake here

2. Launch the program.

Handbrake Source > Video File

3. On the program interface, click on Source > Video File.

Handbrake Source > destination

4. Select the video you want to compress, then click OK.

5. Click browse and select the file destination you want the compress video to be saved.

Output settings (Presset:Normal) select Container: MKV File.

Click Start and wait for the compression to be finish. That's it!

6. On the Output settings (Presset:Normal) select Container: MKV File.

7. Now, Click Start and wait for the compression to be finish. That's it!

I have tried and tested it several times and I didn't notice any changes on the video quality. Try it yourself, and don't forget to say thank you on the comment box... :)

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Added Security Features for Microsoft Accounts

Added Security Features for Microsoft Accounts

First of all, what is Microsoft account? Microsoft account can be,,, and It allows you to make transactions on Microsoft products as well as Windows 8 and 8.1 purchases in the App store. You also have the option to enroll any types of e-mail into a Microsoft account, like yahoo or google.

View Recent Activity

Just recently, Microsoft has rolled out new security feature for Microsoft accounts where it allows you to view your account activities and sign-ins.
This feature will allow you to monitor your account if someone is trying to access without your permission. It will also show you the location of the access attempts.

View Recent Activity for your Microsoft Account

Added Recovery Codes

The ability  to create a secure recovery code has been added. This can be use to regain access to your account even if you forget the other security information.
A receovery code is like a spare key to your house, however you can only request one recovery code at a time. Requesting a new code cancels the old one.

Adding Recovery Code For Microsoft Account

More control of Security Notifications

You have more control where you want to send the security notifications.

Select Security notification for Microsoft Account

How to Disable Automatic Scan and Fix for removable drives in Windows

Disable Automatic Scan and Fix for removable drives in Windows

Usually this message will appear when you insert flashdrive or external drive to your computer.

You will get this message when Windows detects error in the filesystem of the drive, or not properly mounted.

To get this fix, make sure you always use the safely remove options of the drive before you unplug it from the computer. However, if this will continue to happen, you can manually disable this services on your computer so it won't prompt you again with this "automatic scan or fix files" message.

To disable this service, you have to be using the administrator account of your computer. Now, follow these steps;

1.  Press the "Windows key" + "R" to open the run box.
2. Type "msconfig" to open the windows configuration.
3. Go to the "Services" tab and look for "Shell Hardware Detection". Uncheck it, then click "apply" and "OK". Do not restart the computer yet if it'll prompt you to restart now. Just leave it open.
4. Now go back to the "Run" box and type "services.msc".

Shell Hardware Detection in services.msc

5. Look for "Shell Hardware Detection" and disable it by right clicking on it, and select properties. If the service status is Started, stop it and click apply and ok...
6. Go back to the Window where it ask you to restart the computer, or you can manually restart the computer now.

Once the computer is ready, the automatic scan and fix prompt will stop bothering you now.

Windows 8.1 Update Does Not Appear on the App Store

Update to Windows 8.1 Common issues and fix

There are some computers that are having issues finding the Windows 8.1 update from Windows 8 or Windows 8 pro. If you're having this issue, follow the troubleshooting below;

1. Install KB2871389 if it's not yet installed.

2. Make sure that you're using a retail copy of Windows 8 and not Volume License, Enterprise Edition, or Preview version of Windows 8/8.1.

3. Run WSRESET.exe from the command prompt.
             1. Press the "windows key" to get to the startscreen and start typing "cmd"
             2. Right click on it and select "run as administrator".
             3. On the command prompt type "wsreset.exe"

4. Make sure that the App License is sync to your account
            1. On the start screen, tap/click on the Store App
            2. Point and swipe your mouse from the right edge of the screen and click "settings", or simply press "windows key" + "c".
            3. Click "App updates"
            4. Click "Sync licenses.

5. Verify if the following services are running; BITS, Windows update, and Cryptographic Services.
           1. Press "windows key" + "R" to open the run box.
            2. Type "Services.msc" to open the system services configuration.
            3. Look for the services and right click on it and click properties. If the status is not set to automatic and started, set it to automatic and start the services.
6. Open Internet Explorer, and type the following command in the address bar; ms-windows-store:windowsupgrade

That's it! If you're still having the same issue or if you're getting an error code? Please post it on the comment box, I'll get back to it as soon as I can. Thanks for dropping by.

Ice Dragon Browser Installation

Ice dragon browser is the 64-bit version 

Ice dragon browser is the 64-bit version of Comodo dragon browser. It's fast and stable, so it's perfect if you're fan of opening multiple sites at the same time.
Unlike the Dragon browser that looks similar to google chrome, IceDragon is more like firefox.

Here's the step on how to install IceDragon so you can optimize your browsing experience.

First, download the isntall from

Once you have the installer, follow these steps;

1. Select the file location where you want to save the file components.

Select the file location where you want to save the file components.

2. If you don't want to import any information from you other browsers, then you can uncheck the boxes for History, Favorites, Cookies, and Passwords. You can also uncheck the option to make IceDragon your default browser.

COMODO IceDragon step 2

3. If you want to take advantage of the secure DNS sever for the IceDragon, then you can select the option where it says "I would like to use COMODO SecureDNS Server". In my case, I'm already using a secured DNS set in my adapters so no need to check this. Proceed with the installation.

I would like to use COMODO SecureDNS Server.

4. After the installation, the IceDragon browser would look like the screenshot below. Clean, smooth, and wide.

After the installation, the IceDragon browser

That's it... Enjoy!

Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Dual Boot Setup

Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Dual Boot Setup

Are you hesitant to upgrade to Windows 8.1 since you've heard that it has a huge adjustment from the good Windows 7? Then you should keep reading.

There is a way to use Windows 8.1 on your system while holding on to your Windows 7. This is possible by setting up a dual-boot system. Having a dual-boot system gives you an option on the startup on which version of Windows would you like the computer to start.

How to configure it? It's easy. Just make sure to follow the instructions.

The first thing we'll need to do is prepare the computer's configuration before proceeding to the actual Windows 8 setup. The first procedure will allow you to switch back and forth between operating systems at will. Note that, this configuration will only work with Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you're using Windows XP or Ubuntu, you can use the software EasyBCD.

1. For safety purposes, please backup your important documents, files, pictures, etc...

1. Go to the start menu and type "backup" Click on backup and restore.

2. Backup your computer.

2. Create at least 16GB (20GB for 64-bit Windows 8.1) Partition.

1. Go to start and type "disk management" and click on "Create and format disk partitions"

        2. Right click on the partion with the largest memory, and click on Shrink Volume from the context menu.

        3. It will tell you how much free space can be squeezed out of the drive in MB. For 32-bit version enter at least 16GB, and if you're using 64-bit enter 20GB then click on the Shrink button. That's it.

3. If you have a Windows 8 disc, then much better. You can install Windows 8, then upgrade it to Windows 8.1, or you can directly install Windows 8.1 preview. If you have 32-bit, then select Windows 8.1 32-bit, or 64-bit. Another tool you need is the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool, and a flash drive with at has at least 4GB space.

Create a DVD or bootable USB ISO file using Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool by click on it and select the Windows 8.1 ISO file you have downloaded. Follow the very easy instructions.

4. Install Windows 8.1 using the bootable USB or DVD you've created in the previous step.

1. Insert the USB drive or DVD, then restart the computer. Press any key while the computer is rebooting so it will start on the Flashdrive or DVD.

2. Select your language and click "Install Now" and type the product key. For example, NTTX3-RV7VB-T7X7F-WQYYY-9Y92F for the preview version. Accept the software license agreeent and select "Custom Install" NOT upgrade.

3. Select the partion you've created in step 2, then click on "Drive Options (advanced)" then format the partition.

4. Select the Unallocated Space again and click Next to proceed with the installation of Windows 8.

The installation may take a couple of minutes. Once its completed, you will have the option to select which version of Windows you would like your computer to start.

Thanks for reading. If you have any clarifications, questions, you can leave a comment below.


Cherry Mobile Flare 2X Quick Look

Cherry Mobile Flare 2X 

This is a short review for Cherry Mobile Flare 2X. I decided to take a quick look on it myself and here's what I found in my research.


Model Flare 2X
Display Size (in) 4.0
Hard Disk (GB) 1
Capacity (GB) 4
Megapixels 8.0
Operating System Android

It has a decent 4" WVGA Display and a high quality 8MP Rear/VGA Front Camera. It also runs smoothly with it's 1.2 GHz Quadcore processor and 1GB RAM which is perfect for running mobile applications. This phone runs in Android 4.1 Jellybean which is perfect and very compatible with all the apps found on google PlayStore. Another thing I like about this new Cherry Mobile Flare 2X is it's storage capacity. It has 4GB Internal Storage and can be expanded to a looping 32GB via MicroSD. This allows you to save you videos, photos, files, or even movies without worrying the storage capacity of your phone.

The specs itself is impressive, but what impressed me more is the price range which is around Php 4,499.00 only.


The most important aspect when looking for a phone is the specs. No matter what brand it is, you should always go for the specs. Cherry Mobile Flare 2X is indeed the perfect example of a powerful phone with a cheaper price.

Disclaimer: This is my personal review. I am not doing this for Cherry Mobile or any other company.

Stabilizing Globe Wimax Connection | Free 2-3 Mbps Wimax MAC Address

GLOBE WIMAX Stable Connection Trick

You may manually change the frequency of your modem to get a stable connection.

How to manually change the modem frequency?

BM621 globe wimax

This tutorial applies to all globe WIMAX Modem.

I have been to different places in the Philippines and setup my globe WIMAX modem, and I noticed that the frequency varies differently. For example, in the west side part of Cagayan de Oro, the stable frequency there is 2622000 KHz which is different from the Central part of Cebu, specifically IT Park area which is 2602000 KHz.

Now let's begin the tutorial. This one is easy to follow, even an elementary student can do. Just make sure to read each instruction carefully.

First, check if the telnet is enabled on your computer. How to check if telnet is enable?

Here are the steps:

   1. Click on the start button and go to Control Panel.

   2. Click Programs then, Programs and features.

   3. Select Turn Windows Feature on or off.

   4. Check on the Telnet Client, then click OK.

Now you have successfully enable the Telnet, let's proceed to the main part, which is setting the frequency and QoS of your WIMAX.

   1. Open a browser and type for BM621, BM622, BM625, and some WIMAX may have In this example we will be using the BM621.

   2. The default user name and password is "user". However, we will need to access the administrator account to change the frequency and QoS so type "Admin" for the user name and the admin password will be manually generated using the WIMAX tool or other password generating tool. You can also PM me your MAC address and I'll generate an administrator password for you.

   3. So we've successfully access the GUI of your WIMAX modem. Now, let's do some tweaks. Click on the the plus sign before the "Advanced" and select QoS, change it to 63 and click apply.

   4. Now, click on WIMAX and then Scan Set. You can try changing the channel from 2612000 KHz,  2622000 KHz, 2507500 KHz, 2602000 KHz, 2638000 KHz, 2505000 KHz, and 2510000
KHz until you find a stronger and more stable frequency. That's it!

Here are the list of Frequency by Area;

Tondo - 2505000KHz (*dito daw lagi nagcoconect)

Tanauan City Batangas - 2638000KHz
Marikina - 2505000KHz/2622000KHz
San Pedro, Laguna - 2505000KHz
Bacolor Pampanga - 2505000KHz
Las pinas 2505000/2622000
2612000 - cubao, qc. 
2602000KHZ - Batangas City
Monumento 26120000 
los banos 2602000 
Zamboanga City - 2622000 KHz 
Tagaytay - 2602000/2612000 
2602000nasugbu batangas
quanta macs po gumagana
Imus Cavite - 2622000 
Imus cavite 2612000 to 2622000

Hagonoy Bulacan - 2612000KHz

Muzon San Jose Del Monte Bulacan - 2505000KHz
Dasmarinas Cavite (bayan) - 2612000KHz
Area 1 Dasmarinas Cavite - 2505000KHz
Caloocan - 2505000KHz/2602000KHz
Caloocan (2nd District) - 2602000KHz
General Trias (town proper) - 2602000KHz
LAS PI√ĎAS - 2612000KHz

SM Marilao Bulacan - 2612000KHz

Fausta Malolos Bulacan - 2622000KHz
Lambakin Marilao Bulacan - 2638000KHz
Turo Bocaue Bulacan - 2505000KHz
Angat bulacan - 2602000KHz
Dasmarinas Cavite - 2612000KHz
Bocaue Bulacan - 2638000KHz
Balagtas Bulacan - 2638000KHz
Guiguinto Bulacan - 2638000KHz
Tabe, Guiguinto Bulacan - 2602000KHz
Plaridel Bulacan - 2622000KHz
Baliwag Bulacan - 2638000KHz
San Miguel Bulacan 2612000KHz
Sta.Maria Bulacan - 2612000KHz
Tanauan area -2622000KHz
Davao - 2622000KHz
Nueva Ecija - 2612000KHz
A.Mibini - 2612000KHz
C-3 - 2612000KHz
Pasig - 2612000/2622000KHz
Baguio - 2505000KHz
Kawit,Cavite - 2638000KHz
Tarlac Area ( near town proper ) - 2505000KHz
Cebu - 2602000KHz
GenSan - 2622000KHz
Mandaluyong City - 2612000KHz & 2505000KHz
Binmaley Pangasinan - 2602000KHz
Cabuyao, Laguna - 2612000KHz (2602000KHz - Pag madaling araw daw)
CDO area - 2505000KHz
Cauayan Isabela - 2612000KHz
Tabuc Suba Jaro Iloilo - 2612000KHz
San Pedro Laguna - 2505000KHz
Cotabato City - 2602000KHz
San Rafael Bulacan - 2505000KHz

Now, here are some of the stable 2-3 mbps WIMAX MAC Address I found on the net.


Remember: will not be liable for any harm that the tutorial will cause because of not following the instructions correctly.

Disclaimer : I am a legit Globe WIMAX User.

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Adding Send To Items Context Menu

How to Add a Send to Items on the Context Menu?

When we download a program or files, we want it to appear right on the desktop.  Sometimes those files will pile up on there which would look really crowded. In Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, we can create a folder where we can put all the unused stuffs if you're not ready to delete it yet using the Send to option.

When you right click on the file on the desktop, you will see an option "Send to" and when you click on that, you will see the defaults selection. But let's say you want to add a specific folder where you want to save the files before you delete it from the desktop, then follow the instructions below;

1. Right click on the blank area on the desktop, and click on create folder. Name it anything you want.

Add a Send to Items on the Context Menu

2. Now, hit the win-logo + R to bring up Run command. Type "%userprofile%\appdata" and enter.

Add a Send to Items on the Context Menu

3. Click on "Roaming"


4. Select "Microsoft"

Select Microsoft folder

5. Select "Windows"

Select Windows folder

6. Click on the "Send to" folder.

Send To

7. From within here, do a right click and click "Create new shortcut"

Shortcut icon

8. Now, we need to point the new shortcut to the folder we created in step one. So click on browse and look for the folder you created earlier and select it.

Select the folder created

9. Here's the trick; The folder will still not appear in the Send to menu if you don't place this code "shell:sendto" so be sure to add it, or else you are just like creating an ordinary shortcut. Now Click next, and click finish.

Create shortcut "shell:sendto"

10. That's it! Now time to test. Go to your desktop, and right click on any file and click "send to". The folder you created should now appear.

Context menu

Thanks for reading. Peace out!

Restarting Windows 8 in Safe Mode

How to restart Windows 8 in Safe Mode? 

We will be talking about a more advance option for Windows 8. Unlike Windows 7,  advance options for Windows 8 is hidden and it can't be viewed on the regular screen. To view the advance settings and restart the computer in safe mode or safe mode with networking you will have to follow these steps. 

  1. Press the windows key on your keyboard and press C to bring up the charms bar. 

  1. Select the Advance settings, then go to the General tab. 

  1. Scroll down to the last option for Advance Start-up, then click on restart. The computer will initialize the restart then the advance settings will show up. 

PC Settings Windows 8

  1. You will have 3 options to choose. Select Troubleshoot. 

Advance settings Options Windows 8

  1. You will be given another 3 options either to;

  • Refresh your PC 
  • Reset your PC 
  • Advance options. 

SelecAdvance options. 

Windows 8 Advance settings options

  1. Now on the Advanced options window you will find;

  • System Restore 
  • System Image Recovery 
  • Automatic Repair 
  • Command Prompt 
  • Startup Settings 

Select Startup Settings. 

  1. On the Startup Settings you will find the options( see below) Click on Restart.

  • Enable low-resolution video mode 
  • Enable debugging mode 
  • Enable boot logging 
  • Enable Safe Mode 
  • Disable Driver Signature Enforcement 

Advance startup settings Windows 8

  1. After you restart the computer, the Start-up Settings will welcome you on the start. You will be given the options on how you would like to start the computer. You can use the number keys or F1-F9 to select an option. To select more options press F10 and to return to the normal mode press Enter. Press F4 or number 4 to start the computer in safe mode 

  1. Login using your user information and that's it. You should be in safe mode now. 

Remember: The functionality of your Windows 8 will be limited. Working in safe mode environment is ideal for troubleshooting malware/virus issues and repair system components. 

Note: This tutorial is intended for educational purposes only. There might be other option on how to start Windows 8 in safe mode, however, I believe this would be easier for an average user to follow.