How to Fix Lexmark printer Paper jam 31.46, 31.66, or 201.22

Applicable to the following Lexmark printer models

Single function: MS310, MS410, MS510, MS610, M1145, & M3150
Multi-function: MX310, MX410, MX51x, MX61x, XM1145, & XM3150

Possible cause

A paper jam does NOT cause the 201.22 error code. Most likely it is caused by not inserting the cartridge fully before closing the cartridge door. Closing the door in this condition will jam the linkage that opens the toner port to the imaging unit, thus the Imaging Unit starves and will not print, or the auger motor will over torque because the port is not open.

Error codes 31.46 and 31.66 are precursors to the 201.22 error code. The steps below should be followed for any of these errors.


1. Open the printer's front door and inspect the cartridge button. It should not be stuck. Try using a different cartridge.

Lexmark Cartridge button
Cartridge button

2. Check the cartridge plunger if damage or broken.

Damage Cartridge plunger
Damage Cartridge plunger

3. Make sure the cartridge is seated completely.

4. If issue persist, proceed with the Firmware update.

If the cartridge plunger is broken is broken, replace the entire Front access cover. Refer to the information below for the part #.

40X9148 Cartridge plunger or 40X8056 Front access cover for MS310, MS312, MS315, MS415, MS410,  M1140, MS510, MS610dn, M1145, & M3150
40X9148 Cartridge plunger or 40X8268 Front access cover for MS610de & M3150 (4.3" panel only)
40X9148 Cartridge plunger or 40X9068 MPF front access cover for MX310, MX410, MX51x & XM114x
40X9148 Cartridge plunger or 40X9068 Front access cover (MPF) for MX610 & XM3150

If 201.22 persists even with a different cartridge in place, Replace the Cartridge Gear Box – P/N: 40X8083 (For MS310, MS410, MS510, MS610, MX310, MX410, MX51x, MX61x). Call Lexmark Technical Support.

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