The New Alcatel Onetouch Flash Plus

It is the hottest selling high end smart phone in Lazada today. Alcatel brands is known for its durability, and now they’re into it. They're climbing up to the next level with this OneTouch Flash Plus. It can compete with other high-end phones out in the market today. It may even out class them because it’s not only beautiful and powerful, it comes with a cheaper price too.

The New Alcatel Onetouch Flash Plus

Here are some of the stunning features Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus has to offer;

- Full HD recording 720 P, 1080 P with 30 FPS, 60 FPS
- 3500mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery with power saving mode
- Superb 64bit Octa-core Processor, 1.5Ghz which sustains higher performance, added with graphic powered Mali-T760 MP2 GPU with the FLASH PLUS
- Optimize 2GB RAM
- 5.5" IPSHD display and closer-to-life OGS full lamination
- 4G TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE technology
- Dual SIM with TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE technology
- Smart Wake and Alphabet recognition
- Glossy Gold and Matt Slate
- 8MP Front Camera with voice recognition
- Advance 13MP rear camera

This is exclusively distributed by Lazada. Hurry get one before it gets out of stock again.

Ultimate Lenovo VIBE Shot Now Available in Lazada

Lenovo VIBE Shot Specs

I've been receiving updates from Lazada, and this Lenovo Vibe Shot camera really caught my attention. Lenovo is known for high quality smart phone with excellent camera quality and ultra fast performance. One of their latest release this year is the Lenovo Vibe Shot which is exclusively distributed by Lazada.

VIBE Shot Available in Lazada
VIBE Shot Available in Lazada
Here's a quick look Vibe Shot specs;

The Lenovo VIBE Shot smartphone brings together craftsmanship, power and style to create a phone you need and a camera you will love. The sleek and lightweight VIBE Shot is the ultimate smartphone for Photos with a brilliant display, powerful processor, 32GB of storage, 4G connectivity and the latest Android OS.

Colors of Choice Vibe Shot
Colors of Choice Vibe Shot

It has 16MP rear camera with six piece modular lens, 16:9 BSI lowlight sensor and optical image stabilization.

Tri-color flash with higher CRI value, which provides more natural colors to the photographs taken with the flash.

Manual Shooter with IR Focus
Tri-color flash VIBE Shot
Manual shutter button and IR focus, it focus every frame every time.

Smart, innovative and fun, the VIBE Shot helps you shoot like a pro in different scenarios, while the Panoramic selfie function that works like a virtual selfie sticks.

Dual shooting mode lenovo vibe
Dual shooting mode

Dual shooting modes, you can toggle instantly between Pro and Auto shooting modes. Choose Pro when you want manual control, or switch to Auto and let the VIBE Shot decide.

Powerful Performance, powered by a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa Core processor, and designed with 3GB RAM and 32GB built-in storage, vibrant 5" Full DH IPS display that shows your photos and videos all in their brilliance.

Vibrant display Lenovo VIBE
Vibrant display Lenovo VIBE

Check it out in Lazada. Visit this link for more details

Easiest Trick to Make Your Computer Performance Faster

There are few things you can do to tune up your computer to make sure it runs better before you sort out spending money to fix it. If you're interested to learn what are these simple things I'm talking about, then keep reading...

Slow computer
Slow computer 

You probably is interested with learning to make your computer fast, so let's get started. First of all, the basic thing you can do is upgrade your computer's memory or set it to its maximum capability. Most people will just leave their memory configuration to the default so obviously they're not getting the best or optimum performance or getting the full value to their worth.

So how would I set my computer's memory to its maximum capability?

First of all, start your computer to the bios settings window. Once you get there, if you're an Intel user and your memory supports XMP, then just enable the XMP profile 1 under settings. That's how easy it is.

Second thing is if you're using a mechanical hard drive. What this mechanical hard drive do is store information all over the disc and after time it starts to slow down its performance because it’s going to go all over the place searching for the information you're trying to access. So, if you have a Mechanical hard drive, perform a computer Defragmentation at least once a week.  What it will do is it will defrag the information making it more compact and will put more space on your hard drive and allow you to access information much faster.

Third, Internet speeds. If you notice your internet starts to run sluggish, one thing you can do to improve that is by deleting/clearing your browsing data. If you want the browser to save your information like credit card, or passwords then just uncheck the clear cookies box.

Fourth, if your mechanical hard drive has used up more than 50% of its capacity, then it would start to run slower. It's probably time to replace your hard drive or get an external drive so you can transfer its files and make its performance better.

Lastly, taking your computer and cleaning it out. Remove all those clog dusts sticking on your fan and all over the place because believe it or not, these would make your system run hotter which would then make your system run slower.

There are several tools out there promising to make your computer run faster etc... I don't really believe those, it would just install add-ins etc... or even malware on your computer. By just following these very simple steps, you will save a lot of money and time and will enjoy your computer more.

If you're from Cebu and you need help with computer related stuffs, pm me. I'll help as much as I can.

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Protecting Your Privacy Settings In Windows 10

How to change privacy settings on Windows 10?

I heard and read a lot of people  which are concerned regarding their privacy for the latest Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. By default, after installing Windows 10 it will automatically turns on all the features that came with it, like the new WiFi sense and all those bandwidth consuming apps running will run on the background without your actual knowledge. 

This can be a disadvantage if you have a limited bandwidth or if your connecting in a slow internet speed.

This article is direct to the point. A step by step instruction on how you can protect your Windows 10 privacy and prevent apps from accessing your personal information.

Here are the steps of changing privacy settings for Windows 10.

Go to All settings and select Privacy

Privacy settings in Windows 10
Privacy settings in Windows 10

Under General, you can turn Off Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps

Under camera section turn Off the Let apps use my camera functionality, Microphone, Account Info, Contacts, Calendar, Messaging, Radios, and Other devices. Turn the all Off.

Camera Privacy in Windows 10
Camera Privacy in Windows 10

Next is turning off all unnecessary apps from running on the background.

Select Background apps and turn Off the apps you don't want to run in the background.

Background Apps settings

Alcatel Onetouch Flash Plus On Sale at Lazada

The hottest cellphone sold in Lazada, the Alcatel OneTouch Flash plus will go on sale this weekend. 

Here's some of the primary features of Alcatel Onetouch Flash Plus

It is a Dual SIM with TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE technology. It allows you to use two different numbers at the same time, without the hassle of having to carry a second device.

It is equipped with Smart Wake and Alphabet recognition, which will maximizes user experience by eliminating the need for pressing buttons.

Alcatel Onetouch Flash Plus camera

You can choose between the Gold and Matt slate. Premium yet elegantly young indeed.

8MP Front Camera with voice recognition, it has facial-enhancement capabilities as well.

13MP rear camera, with crystal-clear details and when combined with multi-filters, semi-pro photo editor and the adjustable manual settings.

Not just a phone with extra ordinary camera, it has excellent HD video recording too. It can record 1080 HD videos at 30fps, capturing high quality videos.

Check this phone out at

Steps To Fix All Windows update Error Codes

Before working on your computer, or making any changes on it. Be sure to create a system restore first. System restore feature for Windows will allow you to rollback your systems status from the time you set, or made changes from the computer.

Windows update fail
Windows update error

First you need to check the Windows update services if they are running.

To check for Windows update services, select the start button and type on the search box "services". Or you can go to run and type "services.msc". Either the two, it will open up the Windows services menu.

Next, look for the BITS, Windows Update, and Cryptographic. All these services should be set to automatic. If for some reason there's a component that's currently in disable status, them just right click on it and click automatic.

After finding these services, restart them all by doing a right click on the services icon and select restart.

Another thing is deleting temporary and junk files on the Windows update folder. 

To do that, go to Computer -> C drive -> Windows Folder -> Software distribution folder -> data store -> delete all files in this folder, also delete all the files in the downloads folder.

Go to Microsoft website and search for "Windows Update Agent" or simply click this link Microsoft Windows Update. Make sure you have the latest Windows update agent. If not download the latest Windows update agent, and make sure you download the either 32 or 64 bit depending on your computer.

Lastly, download the Microsoft fixit tools by going to and look for the Windows update fixit tool.

I used to work for Microsoft Answerdesk for more than 3 years, and these methods never fails. If it does, comment below. If everything else fails go ahead and run perform repair installation, or  if you want to start all over again, perform Windows clean installation.

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