Why you should not trust Cheapdito for your online shopping

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I was browsing for 2600mah power bank supplier online, and I saw a post in Olx about the "no.1 Hybrid supplier in the Philippines". So I got excited and ordered 20pcs of power bank, the minimum order for wholesale. I message their FB account, and they quoted a different price. It was supposed to be 1,800php but they said it would be 188 each so that will cost me 3,760php... I argued and finally got the wholesale price. So I paid through BDO online transfer. I message them, and I didn't receive any reply. I waited for hours and got no reply so I bought load for my phone and called them. The connection was really bad so it was a useless conversation. I sent them a screenshot for my receipt.
Cheap Dito

Then on the next day I finally got a confirmation for my payment. It shouldn't take more than 24 hours for them to confirm my payment because it was an online transfer. I worked in a bank call center before and I know how their process works. Anyway, after I receive a confirmation I asked them when will I receive the power bank. Cheap Dito told me that my order is ready for pick up.. 

cheapdito scam

Check out the date. It was March 10... So I was excited and just waited for them to send me a confirmation that my item was shipped. But then this bullshit Cheap Dito lied. On the March 11, they said that the item was picked up by their courier and given me a reference no. 

Cheap Dito is a scam

On the next day, I followed up for my LBC reference no... Sabi nila, their courier didn't gave them a reference no.. So? Is that my problem? How far is LBC from your location? Will it take days to get to LBC? That was March 12.

Online scammer in the Philippines

On the next day, March 13. I made a follow up regarding my order again. Cheapdito told me that their courier has no operation that day. So I started to think lokohan na to ah..

CheapDito scam

Remember, the last time they told me that the item was already picked up by the courier. Now, they're saying that my order will be process next week? Clearly they're fooling around or baka naman scammer talaga sila.. Date March 16, 3 days after they said that it was already sent to LBC. My pa smile2x pa..

CheapDito scam  conversation
So I waited again. 2 days I didn't hear anything from them, so I message them again. Mind you, it would take them hours before they will reply. Usually they will only reply if mag mumura ka na. I also posted on their facebook page, but my comment was deleted. Don't trust anything you read on their page because it is moderated. If you really want reviews from CheapDito go to olx... It was March 17 when they said that the item was returned to their office. Ka tangahan na naman po... 

CheapDito tanga

I demanded for refund and I told them I don't want to hear any bullshit from them anymore. They did not reply to my message. It was already 8pm on the 18th of March and I was really frustrated and felt like I was being fooled. But then, tara! They sent me a tracking number from LBC. When I traced it, it was shipped 8:30pm... So they really didn't want to give me my refund. So anyway, the item is coming so di bali nlng. I receive the item the day after. Natuwa naman ako. So my orders are waiting since I was reselling those powerbanks. I delivered a total of 17 pcs to my buyers.

defective powerbank sold by Cheapdito

On the next day, I receive a text from my buyer saying that the powerbank is defective. It won't even charge 10% of the battery. I thought it was an isolated problem, so I replaced it. Then I receive 16 more text the following day from my buyers telling me that the powerbank is defective. I had to refund them all. Clearly CheapDito sent me defective items because I was rushing them and demanding for refund. It was a wasted money and time in my part. Thanks to CheapDito.

So if you are still planning to buy items from Cheap Dito, you should take the risk. They don't have good customer service, and their process is simply stupid. They are also selling products in Lazada now, so be careful if you're shopping in Lazada. If you see the seller Cheap Dito, you would have to wait for days before you get the defective products they're selling. Their warranty is amazing, they will give you 2 days warranty only, and you will have to shoulder the shipping in case. 

I'm sharing these to everyone because I know how it feels like to be fooled, and scammed by CheapDito. 

Your thoughts? 

Xiaomi Redmi 1S Phone Specification review

Let’s go straight to the specs. It has a very decent specifications of;
    Xiaomi Redmi 1S phone
  • Quad-core Qualcomm MSM 8228 1.6GHz
  • 4.7-inch IPS Retina Display
  • 8MP BSI Camera | 1.6MP Front camera
  • MIUI V5 (based on Android 4.3)
  • Dual SIM | 1 GB RAM
  • 2000/2050 mAh (min/type) High-capacity Battery
  • Supports WCDMA 3G Network and GSM 2G Network.

What comes with the box?

  • Redmi 1s handset
  • Quick start guide, warranty statement
  • Charger and data cable
  • 2000/2050 mAh (min/type) High-capacity Battery

Quick look on its surface

It has a red color navigation buttons. The back cover is made up of a good quality plastic and the handset has a guide design. The handset is smaller in size and is very comfortable to hold. It has a mic on the top of the handset and at the back cover. It has a MI logo on the back, speaker output, flash, camera, and the mic. On the front it has the speaker, front camera, and the three LED navigation button. On the right side is the power and volume button, Micro USB port on the bottom, and the headset jack on the top. It weighs 164 grams, 9.49mm thickness, 69.43mm width, and 137.44mm in length.

Physical appearance of Redmi S1


It is running on android kit Kat OS, and is very responsive. It is also loaded with apps the same as with MI3. Updates will automatically sent to the device and it will give you options to update it. Native video calling is not supported, it has an FM radio. It has 8GB storage, which 6GB is allocated as internal storage and 4GB is available. Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, and USB tethering is supported. It also supports stream content on wireless devices. Color is adjustable to saturation. It has a light mode option that would turn the icons to large size. Ideal for visually impaired users. 

How Powerful Is the Philippines?

How powerful is the Philippines?

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