Most Common Mistake For Home WiFi

Home Wifi Tech Tips 101

These tips will help you avoid common mistake of people who has a WiFi at home.

Home Wifi Router
Home Wifi Router

After you plugged in your router, be sure to change the password or you're entire neighborhood would be sharing with your internet. 

Most router comes with a package with a generic name or password, or sometimes it doesn't even have a default password. Be sure to personalize it with an easier password for you to remember, use alphanumeric character with upper and lower case. 

How do you change the password?

Grab a computer that's connected to the router, and type the router's Default Gateway IP address on your browser. 

The default password should be under your router or sometimes it's even left blank. For Linksys routers, the username and password is usually "admin". 

Go to the Wireless tab, look for the SSID part, and give your network a personalize name and a password which is easier to remember and to share with guest and friends. But it should be secure enough that your neighbors wouldn't be able to guess it.

I hope you learn something from this simple tip!

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