Easiest Trick to Make Your Computer Performance Faster

How to Optimize Your Windows Computer

If your computer starts slowing down and starts not working right, you might start having your computer repair or even end up buying new computer that probably doesn't need to happen at all.

Slow computer
Slow computer 

There are few things you can do to tune up your computer to make sure it runs better before you sort out spending money to fix it. If you're interested to learn what are these simple things I'm talking about, then keep reading...

You probably is interested with learning to make your computer fast, so let's get started. First of all, the basic thing you can do is upgrade your computer's memory or set it to its maximum capability. Most people will just leave their memory configuration to the default so obviously they're not getting the best or optimum performance or getting the full value to their worth.

So how would I set my computer's memory to its maximum capability?

First of all, start your computer to the bios settings window. Once you get there, if you're an Intel user and your memory supports XMP, then just enable the XMP profile 1 under settings. That's how easy it is.

Second thing is if you're using a mechanical hard drive. What this mechanical hard drive do is store information all over the disc and after time it starts to slow down its performance because its gonna go all over the place searching for the information you're trying to access. So if you have a Mechanical hard drive, perform a computer Defragmentation at least once a week.  What it will do is it will defrag the information making it more compact, and will put more space on your hard drive and allow you to access information much faster.

Third, Internet speeds. If you notice your internet starts to run sluggish, one thing you can do to improve that is by deleting/clearing your browsing data. If you want the browser to save your information like credit card, or passwords then just uncheck the clear cookies box.

Fourth, if your mechanical hard drive has used up more than 50% of its capacity, then it would start to run slower. It's probably time to replace your hard drive, or get an external drive so you can transfer its files and make its performance better.

Lastly, taking your computer and cleaning it out. Remove all those clog dusts sticking on your fan and all over the place because believe it or not, these would make your system run hotter which would then make your system run slower.

There are several tools out there promising to making your computer run faster etc... I don't really believe those, it would just install add-ins etc... or even malware on your computer. By just following these very simple steps, you will save a lot of money and time and will enjoy your computer more.

If you're from Cebu and you need help with computer related stuffs, pm me. I'll help as much as I can.

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