Latest Gaisano Interpace Pricelist Cebu

This blog is updated as of August 2015.

Gaisano Interpace is one of the most complete computer parts store in the Philippines. They have branches on almost all major cities in the Philippines, from NCR, Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao...etc they're all over the country. 

I decided to compile their computer parts price lists so people would know the latest prices trends for computer parts.

I you're looking for a specific item, press cntrl + F on your keyboard and type the parts your looking for. If it's not on the list, you may download and access the pdf file at the end of this article.

Promos! Items and Price list

Gaisano Interpace
Gaisano Interpace


Intel Pentium G2030
Intel H61 Chipset Biostar
4GB DDR3 Memory
500GB HD Toshiba SATA
DVD Writer Samsung
Casing w/ 600W, KB/Mouse
15.6" AOC Monitor
 Promo Price: Php 11,695.00
(add Php 495 for freight for Cebu , 995 for CDO, 1395 for other Mindanao Cities)

Intel Pentium Dual Core G2030         P 2,2xx
Intel Core i3 3240                               P 4,6xx
Intel Core i3 4150                               P 4,7xx
Biostar s1155 H61MGV  Promo       P 1,395
Seagate 500GB SATA 7200rpm           P 2,095
Acer/AOC Monitor 15.6" LED               P 2,650
Acer/AOC Monitor 18.5" LED               P 3,550
Acer/AOC Monitor 20" LED                   P 3,695
CANON INKS 705/706                               P 350
CANON INKS 740/741                       P 575/750
CANON INKS 810/811                       P 650/825

INTEL CORE i5/i7 Processor!

Intel Celeron G1820 2.7 Ghz 2MB Cache 1,750
Intel Pentium G3220 3.0 Ghz 3MB Cache 2,375
Intel Pentium G3240 3.1 Ghz 3MB Cache 2,475
Intel Pentium G3258 3.2 Ghz 3MB Cache 2,995

Intel i3-4150   up to 3.5 Ghz 3MB Cache 4,795
Intel i3-4160   up to 3.6 Ghz 3MB Cache 4,895
Intel i5-4460   up to 3.4 Ghz 6MB Cache 7,895
Intel i5-4570   up to 3.6 Ghz 6MB Cache 8,495
Intel i5-4590   up to 3.7 Ghz 6MB Cache 8,595
Intel i5-4670   up to 3.8 Ghz 6MB Cache 9,495
Intel i5-4690   up to 3.9 Ghz 6MB Cache 9,595
Intel i7-4770   up to 3.9Ghz 8MB Cache 12,995
Intel i7-4790   up to 4.0Ghz 8MB Cache 13,395
Intel i7-4820   up to 3.9Ghz 10MB Cache 14,495

Intel Socket 1150 Motherboards

Biostar H81MHV3 Intel DDR3 1,995
Intel BLKDH87RL 4,195
ECS H81H3-M4 GL V1.0A 1,995
ECS H81H3-M5 GL V1.0A 2,150
MSI H81M-P33 2,195
Asus H81M-K Intel H81 chipset 2,295
Asus H81M-E Intel H81 chipset 2,450
Asus H81M-D Intel H81 chipset 2,495
Asus H81M-C Intel H81 chipset 2,695
Asus H81M-A Intel H81 chipset 2,795


Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing)

Intel NUC DCCP847DYE (celeron), 4GB/30GB SSD 10,995
Intel NUC DCCP847DYE (celeron), 4GB/60GB SSD 12,495
Intel NUC DC3217IYE (core i3), 4GB/30GB SSD 15,995

Intel NUC DC3217IYE (core i3), 4GB/60GB SSD 17,495

(socket 1155) INTEL SANDY BRIDGE!

Intel Pentium G2020 (2.9Ghz, 3MB) 2,250
Intel Pentium G2030 (3.0Ghz, 3MB)    2,295  
Hard Disk - for 24x7 Operation Seagate SV series     

VGA Cards - NVIDIA High-End - Inno3D/Palit/AFOX         I
Infrared Adapter USB U2 4Mbps                  250
Intel i3-3240 (3.4Ghz, 3MB Cache ) 4,695
Intel i5-3340 (3.1Ghz up to 3.3Ghz) 7,950
Intel i5-3470 (3.2Ghz up to 3.6Ghz) 8,150
Intel i5-3570k (3.4Ghz up to 3.8ghz) 9,695
Intel i7-3770 (3.4Ghz up to 3.9 ghz) 12,850
Intel i7-3770k (3.4Ghz up to 3.9 ghz) 13,795
Biostar H61MGV/MLV DDR3/PCIE - Sale 1,395
ECS H61H2-M12 Motherboard DDR3/PCIE 1,650
ECS H67H2-M3 Motherboard DDR3/PCIE 2,750
ECS H77H2-M GLv1 Motherboard DDR3/PCIE 2,995
Intel DH61BF (w/ PCIE) 2,050
Intel DH61W W B3 Motherboard (w/ PCIE) 2,295
Intel DH67BLB3/CLB3 Motherboard 3,595
Intel BLKDH77EB Motherboard 3,995
Intel BLKDH77KC Motherboard 4,695
Asus P8H61M/ME LX3 Plus 2,095
Asus P8H61M LX w/ Parallel Port 2,295
Asus P8H61M-C w/ HDMI, Parallel 2,250
Asus P8H77-M LE DDR3/PCI-E 3,795
Asus P8Z77-M Pro DDR3/PCI-E 5,895
Asus P8Z77-V LK DDR3/PCI-E 6,495
Asus Maximux IV Extreme 13,795
Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2-B3 1,995
Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3 5,850
Gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H 5,595

Intel Core i5/i7 Proceossor/Mboard (Socket 1156)

 Intel Core i3 540 *(3.06Ghz, 4MB Cache)             3,995    
Ext. 500GB WD 2.5" 3.0 Passport Ultra       2,695    
LED 23" Viewsonic IPS VX2370SMH                  7,695    
USB Cable NETW ORK LINK                       495
Intel Xeon X3430 (2.4ghz) s1156 9,795
ECS P55H-A DDR3/PCIE 5,495
INTEL DH55PJ DDR3/HDMI *for 32nm 2,795
INTEL DH55TC DDR3/HDMI *for 32nm 2,995
INTEL DH55HC DDR3/HDMI *for 32nm 3,795
INTEL BLKDP55W B uATX 1333 DDR3 4,795

Intel Atom Processors

Intel Atom D525MW 2,695
Intel Atom D945GSEJT Mini iTX ddr3 4,295
Intel CPU Socket LGA775
Intel Pentium Dual-Core E6600 (3.06) 2,595
Asus P5G41 T M LX3 / LX2 2,150
Asus P5VD2-VM SE VSL (w/o Plate) 2,250
ECS Intel X48T-A solid capacitor (no plate) 4,995
Jetway JI41M Intel G41 chipset 1,795
Intel DG41RQ/41 WV (FSB1333/DDR3) 2,150
Intel DG45ID (FSB1333/Quad Core) 4,995
Intel CPU Socket 478 / Motherboards

Genx i845GV FSB 533/400 AVL 2,495

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