Quick look on Polaroid's Instant Camera

Polaroid's 'Instagram Camera is now available for preorder through Amazon. It is the newest release from the Polaroid company who is known for producing the best instant cameras.

Polaroid Instant Camera
Polaroid Instant Camera
This device is capable of taking 14-megapixel resolution on the main camera, and 2-megapixel for the rear camera which you usually use for taking selfies. It also has a 4.5 inch display and has built-in bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS that allows you to set location to your uploads.

And since it's running on android operating system, you can definitely download your social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Instagram so you can upload your photos to the web as soon as you're connected with a Wi-Fi signal.

It has 4 GB onboard storage, and up to 32 GB of storage for the MicroSD card slot that allows you to save massive number of photos and videos.

Another feature for this new Polaroid Instant Camera is it pumps out 2 x 3 photos that Polaroid says are water resistant and smudge-prooof. A huge improvement from the previous models of Polaroid instant cameras.

This Socialmatic device is available for pre-order in Amazon for $15 for a stack of 50.

Polaroid Instant Camera
Polaroid Instant Camera
Perfect device for uploading every moment of your life in social media.

14-megapixel main camera
2-megapixel rear
Android operating system
4.5-inch display
4 GB onboard storage
MicroSD card slot up to 32 GB of space

Can download social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc...
Built-in Wifi device, Bluetooth, and GPS lets you connect the camera to your smartphone, as well as add location data to your images.
Pumps out 2 x 3 photos

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