Microsoft Nokia 215 and Nokia 215 dual SIM Quick Review

I was browsing the internet when I saw a post by GMA News regarding Microsoft's new internet-ready phone that sells for just over Php 1,000.00. It immediately caught my attention, and I started reading about it. Here's what I learned about this new phone by Microsoft.

Nokia 215 and Nokia 215 Dual-SIM
Nokia 215 and Nokia 215 Dual-SIM
There are two models released by Microsoft this week, the Nokia 215 and Nokia 215 Dual SIM. This phone is said to aim in helping people in emerging markets.

According to a blog post in, "With a price tag of just $29 before taxes and subsidies, Nokia 215 is our most affordable internet-ready entry-level phone yet, perfectly suited for first-time mobile phone buyers or as a secondary phone for just about anyone".

This phone is straight forward user friendly device. I myself is tired of following the latest trends of cellphones out there. Almost every month Samsung, Apple, etc... releases new and improve models of their phones. It's just hard to keep up specially if you're on a budget. 

What's really important in a phone for you? Is it the Clash of clans, Plants and zombies, etc...? Then this phone is not for you. This is a classic style cellphone with basic call and text functionality, and added feature Internet using opera mini, dual sim, MP3, bluetooth, and more.  Read more about it's features below.


It comes with a preinstalled Facebook and Messenger with instant notifications, twitter, bing search, and Opera Mini browser. It also contains a SLAM technology, which allows you to pair a bluetooth headset or speaker, and share contents. 

Another feature which I find really cool is, it has a built-in MP3 player and FM radio, and flashlight. 

Although this phone can only support 2G network, it is has long standby time, and durability which Nokia is known of. 

It has a superb battery life, that would last up to 29 days on a single charge, and the Dual SIM can last 21 days.

According to Microsoft, the Nokia 215 and Nokia 215 dual SIM will roll out first in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe first quarter this year.

Check out the video below:

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