Tizen the New Operating System for Samsung Smart TV

According to Yahoo news, Samsung Electronics will release a smart television equipped with a new platform built around the Tizen operating system this year. The south Korean electronics giant seeks to lower its reliance on Google.

The latest operating system for Samsung Smart TV

Samsung said all of its new web-associated TV sets would be run by Tizen. They will be showing a preview of the smart tv at the consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas next week. Accoring to Lee Won-Jin in a statement, a Samsung executive vice president, "Building our Smart Platform around Tizen is a groundbreaking step towards a much more intelligent and integrated system."

"Tizen not only enriches the entertainment experience for our customers today, but unlocks great potentials for the future in home entertainment," he said.

Samsung, the world's biggest mobile phone maker, has concentrated on creating the Tizen operating system together with companies led by Intel to lower its dependence on Google's Android operating system.

In the future, Tizen will be applied on mobile devices, digital cameras and home appliances. Samsung has taken off Tizen-based digital cameras and wearable smart watches this year.

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