Lexmark Printers not pulling out paper from the tray 1

I have been getting a lot of calls lately regarding issues with Lexmark printers not pulling out paper from the tray. According to customers when they start to print, the printer will not recognize that there's a paper in the tray. Most of the time, it would give error message "load tray 1 with plain paper letter". When we checked the paper menu settings, everything seems to be correct. The paper type is set to plain paper and the size is letter. So what could be causing this issue?

If you go to the technical side, the most probable cause would be the pick arm assembly and the acm clutch. It is the part located under the printer where the tray is. By the way, this applies to all Color and Mono Printers;

For Mono Printers 
Lexmark E260, Lexmark E360, Lexmark E460, Lexmark MS31x, Lexmark MS41x, Lexmark MS510, Lexmark MX310, Lexmark MX410, Lexmark MX51x, Lexmark MX61x, Lexmark MS310, Lexmark MS315, Lexmark MS415, Lexmark M1140, Lexmark MS510, Lexmark MS610, Lexmark MX310, Lexmark MX410, Lexmark MX5x, Lexmark MX610, Lexmark MX611, Lexmark X203, Lexmark X204, Lexmark X464, Lexmark X264, Lexmark X363, Lexmark X364

For Color printers
Lexmark CX74, Lexmark X548, Lexmakr C52x, Lexmark C73, Lexmark C74, Lexmark C540, Lexmark C543, Lexmark C544. Lexmark C546, Lexmark CS310, Lexmark CS410, Lexmark CS510, Lexmark X54, Lexmark X73x, Lexmark X548, Lexmark X560, Lexmark X746, Lexmark X748

Now here's the quick fix! Don't be surprise.

Remove the standard tray, and locate the pick tires or rubber tires underneath the printer where the tray is located. Just remove the white rubber tires, they're stretchable so just move it to the side. Wash it with clean water and soap. Dry it well, then put it back on. Put the tray back in, and make a test print. 95 percent of the time, this trick works. 

Lexmark Pick Arm Assembly

That's it. If you have additional question or concern please leave a comment below.


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Steve kadwell said...

I bought a Lexmark MS312dn today and that's exactly what happened to me. Wasted about 3/4 hr checking I had cleared all the packaging etc, tray settings, even wondered if they had mixed up tray 1 & 2. In the end found your article and tried washing the white tires as suggested, and it immediately worked. Not a great advert for Lexmark. I just hope I will not have to do this frequently!

Steve Kadwell said...

I should have said thank you for your suggestion.

MyTech Side said...

You're welcome, Steve. Call Lexmark and ask for the replacement pick tires. This is a temporary fix. I believe the problem is with the materials used for these pick tires. They will be giving you a new set of pick tires colored (green) for FREE.

holden HK said...

It does work! I was given a brand new CS310N a few months ago as a backup printer (my Fujixerox C1110B was slowly dying), and I kept it unboxed until this week. My initial experience was similar to Steve Kadwell's, and then I found your post. Thanks a lot!
I'm thinking of asking Lexmark for a pair of new tires, but there is one issue. I checked the purchase date on the box (a friend of mine bought it long ago for no apparent reason and kept it unopened in a storage), and it says June 2013. That seems ages ago, and it definitely can't be covered by warranty. Yet, I still do have the original tires in mint condition. Do you have any link to the replacement policy of these parts? I'm living in Taiwan, where Lexmark is a bit under-represented, and I'd like to be prepared when talking to the local agent (if I find them at all).

MyTech Side said...

Hi, Holden HK. I don't have the link for the replacement policy regarding this. But I'm sure they're aware of this issue, and should be able to give a replacement for the pick tires for you.

Anonymous said...

Just set up a "new" spare printer I had exactly this problem. Took the old tyres off the old printer (luckily not junked yet) and they immediately felt grippier despite being grubby and old. Bingo - worked first time. Very helpful blog - thanks.

Anonymous said...

I completely destroyed a printer and got another one, talked crap to lexmark saying it was a firmware issue etc etc. Load of crap. I saw your post and it worked. Just wow. A simple fix. Thanks a bunch for the easy simple fix

MyTech Side said...

That's good to hear. You're all welcome. :)

Anonymous said...

I have a MS610 at the office that also prints a page and then tells me to load paper when the tray is full .. I open and close back the tray and it'll print one page and then the error comes up again. I tried as you suggested and cleaned the pick tires and this still occurs .. Any other suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

Anonymous said...

Installed a brand new MX410 onsite for clients today. Had me scratching my head for a good 30 minutes before finding this post. Washed the pick tyres and the problem was gone. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much! I hadn't used my Lexmark 544dn for some time, and after replacing an empty toner cartridge it only produced a couple of 1-page prints before failing with just the symptoms you describe on this page. After a quick trip to the bathroom sink, the tires were refitted and now paper is being fed through normally.

Cheers, Paul D.

Anonymous said...

Thank's a lot! I have been struggling with this problem for about two years, and with this simple solution the problem suddenly disappears!

Once again, thank you!
Mattias, Sweden