Different types of Computer Hard Drives

Computer Hard Drive Descriptions

Computer technology is fast evolving nowadays. Everyone is opting to have a fast, stable, and reliable computer. When you’re talking about computer speed, one of the  hardware components that plays a major role is your Hard Drive. Today I will discuss the different types of Hard drives. 

The types of Hard drives are SSD, SSHD, and HDD.   

Different types of hard drives
Different types of hard drives

What is SSD or Solid State Drive?

SSD has no moving parts, its using flash storage, and it’s extremely fast particularly for random operations specially if you’re running an operating system like Windows 7 or Windows 8. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive and has a low storage capacity.

What is a Hard Drive?

This is being used by 90% of Windows computer users. It has a spinning platter inside with a read and write head that moves around on it mechanically in order to read and write data. It has a huge capacities of up to 4 terabytes for consumer grade products. However, it’s not as fast as an SSD. It’s pretty fast for sequential read and write if all the data is in one place, but when those read and write heads got to move around and disc spins all over the place it becomes slow particularly for random performance. 

What is SSHD or Solid State Hybrid Drives?

We have learned about the basics of SSD and HD including their pros and cons. Now what if their two pros combine? That result would be the ultimate Solid State Hybrid Drives. The SSHD has a built-in feature that reads cache, so you it can read your most frequently used data of the SSD and used the Hard Drive that is built inside for your less frequently used data. It comes up to 2 terabytes in terms of capacity. You might think that, its confusing to manage. But no, the SSD that’s built-into it is dynamically manage by the controller inside the drive so you never have to think about it.  

With the SSHD, you will have the SSD like performance with the benefit of extra speed and longevity. Because SSD’s wear out from writing to them and Hard Drive wear out from general use over time. If you can write your SSD less, it can read data all day without risk of any long term damage in terms of wear and tear. That’s also going to save the hard drive because you will be pulling data in the SSD instead of the Hard drive where it doesn’t wear it out. It’s generally great for everyone involve, right?  

I believe this is already available in all leading computer store. So if you decided to upgrade your computer, this is definitely one part you should consider.