Steps in Resetting Computer Bios Password

What is Bios Password?

Bios password is a specific feature for your computer's mother board. This is specifically helpful if you are running an internet cafe and you don't want anyone to make changes or format your computer. 


If you forget your BIOS password, then it's over. Specially if your computer won't boot into the operating system. 

How to reset BIOS Password?

There are 2 popular methods of resetting BIOS password. It can be by using a BIOS reset jumper, or taking out the CMOS battery for a few seconds. However, taking out the CMOS battery from  the motherboard would require you to open your computer tower. This might not be the best solution for you specially if you're on a laptop. "So what should I do?" keep reading...

There is of course a way to reset your BIOS password without the hassle of dissecting your computer. The software you need is the "CMOS De-Animator". 

"CMOS De-Animator" software allows you to reset and clear your system's BIOS settings and removing the BIOS Password.  It works by invalidating the checksum of your CMOS memory. It saves you from openning your computer and finding the reset jumper or CMOS battery. 

However, each software has a downside or cons. The downside for this software is you can only use it if you're login to the computer as an Administrator. So if you just got a computer and you don't know the user admin password and BIOS password, then you should keep looking for a different option.

How to use the CMOS-De Animator software? Follow the steps below;

1. Right click on the tool and run it as administrator.
2. Restart the computer.

When the computer starts, you will see a CMOS checksum error and then it will allow you to access the BIOS without a password. 

I cannot post the download link in this blog due to Ad policy so feel free to use our friend google.