Windows XP AntiMalware Signatures Update Extended

Good News for Windows XP Users

Microsoft has announced that Windows XP end of support date is April 8, 2014, and that after this date it will no longer be supported.

Microsoft has changed their mind and decided to extend the antimalware signatures and engine updates for Windows XP users to July 14, 2015.
According to Microsoft, the reason why they're extending it is due to the request of some organizations. They said this extension is to help those organizations who's using Windows XP complete their migrations to Windows 7, or 8.

What will end this April 8, 2014 for XP?

Starting April 8, 2014, Windows XP users will no longer receive new security updates, hotfixes, free or paid support options, or technical content updates from Microsoft.

Why End Windows XP's Life?

Why did Microsoft have to end the life of Windows XP when in fact it was one of the most stable operating system ever? This is one of the questions I have as well. To answer that, Microsoft will be ending their support to this operating system to keep up with the latest technology. They have provided support for this operating system for past 12 years, and they felt it's now time to end the support and dedicate their resources to a more advance operating system to come up with the latest technological trends.
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