Windows 8.1 Apps/PC settings will not Launch [FIXED]

One of the most common issue you might experience after upgrading to Windows 8.1 is the Apps/PC settings will not launch. It will only flickers or will show bluescreen then goes back to the startscreen when you try openning an App from the Startscreen.

If you're experiencing these issue, you may follow the steps below to troubleshoot it. 

Troubleshooting steps:
1. Create a new user profile via CMD. First, you need to run the CMD as administrator and type the following;
net user /add test 1234
net localgroup administrators test /add
net share concfg*C:\/grant:test,full
test – username
1234 – password
Note: you can opt not to put a password, It’s up to you. Also make sure that the new user profile is an ADMINISTRATOR.
2. If you're signed in to a Microsoft Account you can sign out and sign in to the new user profile
3. Once logged in to the new profile you can delete your original user account(corrupted profile). MAKE SURE to select “KEEP FILES” when deleting the user profile, and then connect your Microsoft Account to the newly created user profile.
4. If you are logged in to a Local Account you can migrate the Corrupted user profile to the newly created user profile.
That's it!