Extend Windows 7 OS trial period Trick

The question is "How do I extend the trial period of my Windows 7"? This tricks works for all versions of Windows 7.

Unlike Windows 8 that won't allow you to proceed with the installation without a product key, Windows 7 can be installed and activated later. Windows will give you 30-days trial period that allows you to use the operating system with it's full functionality. However, after 30-days it will begin to remind you that you need to activate your copy of Windows 7, and will begin to limit the functionality of the computer. The operating system is expensive. The price ranges from Php5k-11k per license, but you can always get it from us for an extremely low price. PM me if you want one.

Now this trick comes in. There is a command in Windows 7 that will allow you to extend the trial version and continue to use the operating system without reduce functionality. Note that, this trick will only work if you are still under the 30-days trial version. For example, your on the 29th day of the trial period. You can extend it back to 30-days by performing this trick.

To extend the trial version of your Windows 7, follow these steps;

1. Go to start, and search for "cmd". Right click on it an click on "run as administrator"

2. Now, type " slmgr -rearm " and hit enter.

3. Wait for 3-10 seconds and a message will appear that the command completed successfully and you need to restart the computer.

That's it! You can now enjoy the extended trial version of your Windows 7.

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