Tips in Buying A Secondhand Laptop

Tips for buying a secondhand laptop.

While browsing online, I saw several highend laptop for sale with a cheaper price. I wonder why they are selling it with such cheaper price? We'll I didn't think anything negative about them, I just wondered. When I check the screen shot, the indexing score is really good and tempting. If I have the money I surely grab one of those.

Although, there are several good sellers out there, we can't take the probability that there will always be a twisted minded scammer that will try to fool the average users to sell their item. This is the reason why you should read this post first before you purchase a secondhand laptop.

Physical looks

1. Always check the screws on the laptop. Make sure that it is tight and complete, and that there is no indication that it has been openned. If it has been openned, well, the seller should be able to give you a good reason why. Don't really mind the physical looks, like the color or stuffs, because that has nothing to do with the computer's performance.

xLaptop screws

Probable reason why the laptop has been opened;

1. Added or removed some ram,
2. Changed the CD-ROM,
3. Dust removal.

2. Check the DXDIAG for the computer specifications

1. Go to start > Type DXDIAG > hit Enter > Continue.


2. Check the specs if it match what the seller highlighted.


3. Run the Windows Experience Index. It may take some time but it's worth it. The Windows Experience Index can be altered.
      1. Go to start > right click on Computer > Click on properties.

      2. Click on Windows Experience Index.

      3. Click on Re-run assessment.

4. That's it.The higher the rating, the better.