Syrian Hackers hijacks Qatar's Major Websites

Starting about 1:30 pm Manila time (GMT 5:30+), Hackers shared a message in twitter: Qatar #down and following that, they swtich off government and private websites using the .qa extension. These includes facebook, aljazerra and Government - Military websites, and google.

The Syrian Electronic Army gain access to the Qatar Domain Registrar ( who is being managed by Qatar's Ministry of Informaiton and Communication (ictQatar). They modified the DNS entires to redirect websites to servers controlled by hackers, serving defacement page with a picture of Assad and the groups logo. ( see the screenshot )

Hackers posted the list of targeted websites in twitter - these include:

Another screenshot of unauthorize access posted by SEA (Syrian Electronic Army) in twitter. (screenshot)

unauthorized access posted by SEA (Syrian Electronic Army)

The SEA's high-profile media hacking spree began earlier this year. Some of the victims are; The Financial Times, The Guardian, Washington Post, and the Associated Press.

Until now some reporting websites they hijacked are still showing the deface page, while other are now down.