How to Unhide Virus Infected Files?

There are types of viruses that will hide files and folders in your flash drive. When you open the drive, you don't see any files but the storage is still showing that there are data on it. This is mainly cause by a virus and can't be fixed by just running an antivirus. Although the virus will be removed, but it will not undo what the virus has done hiding files.

To reveal the hidden files, follow the steps below.

1. Go to start and type "cmd" on the search box.

2. Right click on it and select "run as administrator"

3. Go to start and click on "computer". Look for the directory for the flash drive. Ex. e: removable

4. Back to the command prompt, type " E: " hit enter.

5. Type " attrib -s -h /s /d " and press enter.

That's it! All the folders and files will now appear.

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