Increase Globe Wimax Signal Strength

I went to Cagayan de Oro City to spend my birthday with my family, so I brought my laptop and Globe WIMAX BM621 with me.  If others can’t live without their cell phones, I can’t live without computer and internet.

My BM621 Wimax modem is configured with a VIP mac of 8-12mbps speed in Apas, Lahug Cebu City. The lowest speed I get there is 4-5mbps. When I arrived in CDO, first thing I did was setup my internet connection. When I checked on the modem, it’s not getting any signal bar or light. I was worried if my modem got damage during my travel, but I’m sure that I took care of it and it did not fall or hit by anything that might cause it to be broken, so what I did was, access the UI (User Interface) of the modem and checked the signal quality and wimax status. There is no signal, and the BSID was all zero, so I thought I’ll just change the mac address and it should work, so I did. I noticed that, it won’t connect on the same frequency I used in Cebu which is 2602000 KHz, so I change the frequency to 2612000 KHz, 2638000 KHz, 2505000 KHz, 2510000 KHz, 2507500 KHz, but none of these work until finally change it to 2622000 KHz. This frequency gives me 80-90% signal strength, so I believe it is the most stable frequency for Globe WIMAX in Cagayan de Oro. I manage to make my Internet connection up and running afterwards.

Manually setting the frequency broadcast of your modem to connect has already been proven and tested by advance globe wimax users, including myself. By default, your modem will automatically search for the best channel it will connect to, but if you’re on an area with not that much frequency choices to connect, then it will cause intermittent connection to the internet.

To change your Globe WIMAX channel frequency manually, follow these steps:

1.  Open a browser, and type on the address bar.

globe wimax login screen

2.  Type admin as your username and then generate a password using the WiMAX tool by cherles SyntaxError.

3.  Now, on the UI (User Interface) Click on Wimax and select Scan set. Set channel manually, depending on what’s stable in your location. In this example, I used 2622000 KHz since this is the most stable channel in Cagayan de Oro. The channels available are;
               · DL Frequency [1] 2507500 KHz
               · DL Frequency [2] 2602000 KHz
               · DL Frequency [3] 2612000 KHz
               · DL Frequency [4] 2638000 KHz
               · DL Frequency [5] 2622000 KHz
               · DL Frequency [6] 2505000 KHz
               · DL Frequency [7] 2510000 KHz

Globe WIMAX frequency change

4.   Click “Apply”.
Remember that the channel you will select may depend on your location. I would suggest you test the channels one at a time and see what channel would give you a stronger signal.
If you don’t have the Wimax tool yet, just click on the download link below on the resources section. Big credit to Cherles aka SyntaxError for the tool.
That’s it, you should be able to stabilize and increase your Globe’s Wimax signal now.


Download the Wimax Tool Here