Samsung ATIV 500T Smart PC Review

I had the chance to look closely and test the latest Samsung ATIV Smart PC, and I was amazed with how fast and mobile it is. It really defines the combination of work and play. Keep reading for more details.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC Review

Samsung ATIV 500T smart pc is a full Windows 8 device powered by Intel core i5 processor with 11.6 inch screen full HD 1920x1080, full 256 GiG SSD, and supports for 10 muti-finger touch.

It's blazingly fast and it has a spot for micro SD for expandable storage, a USB 3.0 port, a microphone, 3.5 millimeter headset jack, HDMI out, up and down volume, magnetic power spot, 2 speakers, and a home button.

There's also accessories you can buy like, the S Pen, full keyboard, cases that you can put on the back, ect..

Samsung ATIV accessories

This device highlights its speed and power with the flexibility of a tablet. I don't see any cons for this device, it's just simply amazing and highly recommended device.


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