Windows Updater Error Codes | Part 3

Continuation for Windows Update Error Codes

press "cntrl" + "F" ( Shortcut for find) and start typing the error...

0x8007f0ec -2146963220 STR_PERFORM_MIGRATION Performing migration
0x8007f0ed -2146963219 STATUS_NO_BRANCH_AVAILABLE Required installation branch was not found in INF file.
0x8007f0ee -2146963218 STR_BLOCKLIST_PACKAGE Package
0x8007f0ef -2146963217 STR_MIGRATE_BLOCKLIST_MSG The installation cannot continue because the following packages might not be valid:
0x8007f0f0 -2146963216 STR_BRANCH_CAPTION Branch info
0x8007f0f1 -2146963215 STATUS_INCOMPARABLE_BRANCHES Files from the package are incompatible with files on your system.
0x8007f0f2 -2146963214 STR_MIGRATE_BLOCKLIST_REC Reinstall the packages listed above, and then install .
0x8007f0f3 -2146963213 STR_UNKNOWN_PACKAGE Unknown
0x8007f0f4 -2146963212 STATUS_PREREQUISITE_FAILED Setup cannot continue because one or more pre-requisites required to install failed. For More details check the Log File. Update.exe can throw this error when it starts to download if the computer is running under battery power (there may be a fix for this in the future).
0x8007f0f5 -2146963211 STR_WINDOWS_TYPE5 Windows XP Version 2003
0x8007F0F6 -2146963210 NULL
0x8007f0f7 -2146963209 STR_HFSLP_ERROR An error occurred while attempting to integrate this software update package. Verify that the architecture, language, and service pack level of this software update are valid for the target distribution folder.
0x8007f0f8 -2146963208 STR_HFSLP_EXPRESS Express software update packages cannot be integrated. To download a version of the fix that can be integrated, visit
0x8007f0f9 -2146963207 STR_HFSLP_EXTRACTED Extracted packages cannot be integrated. The /integrate switch must be used with the original software update package.
0x8007f0fa -2146963206 STR_HFSLP_NOTFOUND Setup was unable to locate the distribution folder that you wish to integrate with this software update package. The /integrate switch requires the full path to the distribution folder.
0x8007f200 -2146962944 STATUS_MORE_FILES_FOR_DOWNLOAD More byte ranges required.
0x8007f201 -2146962943 STATUS_READY_TO_INSTALL Required payload available, ready to install.
0x8007f202 -2146962942 STATUS_PATCH_NOT_FOUND The delta was not found in the PSF. Update cannot find information about how to upgrade this binary. SUS can terminate installation.
0x8007f203 -2146962941 STATUS_PATCH_FILE_CORRUPT Update cannot find information about how to upgrade this binary
0x8007f204 -2146962940 STATUS_INDEXFILE_CORRUPT Index file does not have a valid signature. Index file has an invalid signature. The package is corrupt. SUS can terminate installation.
0x8007f205 -2146962939 STR_UPDATE_ALREADY_RUNNING Setup has detected that another update is in progress. Please complete that installation or removal and try again.
0x8007f206 -2146962938 STATUS_RETRY_REFRESH_INVENTORY The state of machine changed since last inventory analysis. Update.exe has to restart the process with /si.
0x8007f207 -2146962937 STATUS_RETRY_SELF_CONTAINED Two consecutive attempts to download delta failed without any progress and there is no use in continuing as express package. Revert to self-contained package.
0x8007f220 -2146962912 STATUS_CONTINUE_INVENTORY error codes should not be returned out of update.exe
0x8007f221 -2146962911 ERROR_INDEXFILE_NOT_FOUND error codes should not be returned out of update.exe
0x80080005 -2146959355 CO_E_Server_Exec_Failure
0x80080008 -2146959352 CO_E_SERVER_STOPPING
0x80090006 -2146893818 NTE_Bad_Signature
0x8009000B -2146893813 NTE_Bad_Key_State
0x80090017 -2146893801 NTE_PROV_TYPE_NOT_DEF
0x8009001D -2146893795 Error_Write_Fault
0x80090305 -2146893051 SEC_E_SECPKG_NOT_FOUND The requested security package does not exist
0x80090331 -2146893007 Sec_E_Algorithm_Mismatch The client and the server cannot communicate, because they do not possess a common algorithm
0x8009033F -2146892993 SEC_E_Shutdown_IN_Progress
0x80092003 -2146885629 CRYPT_E_File_Error An error occurred while reading or writing to a file
0x8009200D -2146885619 Crypt_E_Bad_Msg Not a cryptographic message or the cryptographic message is not formatted correctly
0x80092026 -2146885594 Crypt_E_Security_Settings The cryptographic operation failed due to a local security option setting
0x80096001 -2146869247 Trust_E_System_Error A system-level error occurred while verifying trust
0x80096005 -2146869243 Trust_E_Time_Stamp could not be verified
0x80096010 -2146869232 Trust_E_Bad_Digest The digital signature of the object did not verify
0x80096019 -2146869223 TRUST_E_BASIC_CONSTRAINTS
0x800A0046 -2146828218 CTL_PermissionDenied olectl.h
0x800a01ae -2146827858 IXP_NNTP_NO_SUCH_ARTICLE_FOUND This can occur after a control selfupdate that has not fully completed and requires a reboot.
0x800a138f -2146823281 ERROR_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND Javascript runtime error
0x800B0001 -2146762751 Trust_E_Provider_Unknown
0x800B0002 -2146762750 Trust_E_ActionUnknown The trust verification action specified is not supported by the specified trust provider.
0x800B0003 -2146762749 TRUST_E_SUBJECT_FORM_UNKNOWN The form specified by the subject is not one supported or known by the specified trust provider
0x800B0004 -2146762748 TRUST_E_SUBJECT_NOT_TRUSTED The subject is not trusted for the specified action.
0x800B0100 -2146762496 TRUST_E_NOSIGNATURE No signature was present in the subject
0x800B0101 -2146762495 Cert_E_Expired Verifying against the current system clock or the timestamp in the signed file
0x800B0109 -2146762487 CERT_E_UNTRUSTEDROOT A certificate chain processed, but terminated in a root certificate which is not trusted by the trust provider
0x800b010d -2146762483 Cert_E_Untrustedtestroot The certification path terminates with the test root which is not trusted with the current policy settings
0x800B0110 -2146762480 CERT_E_WRONG_USAGE
0x800C0002 -2146697214 Inet_E_Invalid_URL
0x800F0101 -2146500351 SPAPI_E_Section_Not_Found The required section was not found in the INF
0x800F020B -2146500085 SPAPI_E_No_Such_Devinst device instance does not exist
0x800F0217 -2146500073 SPAPI_E_Bad_Service_Installsect A service installation section in this INF is invalid
0x800F022B -2146500053 SPAPI_E_DI_Dont_Install The class installer has denied the request to install or upgrade this device
0x800F022F -2146500049 SPAPI_E_No_Catalog_for_OEM_INF The third-party INF does not contain digital signature information
0x800F0244 -2146500028 SPAPI_E_Signature_Osattribure_Mismatch The software was tested for compliance on a different version of Windows and may not be compatible with this version
0x800FF8F0 -2146436880 NULL
0x800FFBBE -2146436162 NULL
0x800FFC02 -2146436094 NULL
0x800FFC0D -2146436083 NULL
0x80190064 -2145845148 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_100 The request can be continued.
0x80190065 -2145845147 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_101 The server switched protocols in an upgrade header.
0x801900C8 -2145845048 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_200 The server's response was not valid. The server was not following the defined protocol. Resume the job, and then Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will try again.
0x801900C9 -2145845047 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_201 The request was fulfilled and resulted in the creation of a new resource.
0x801900CA -2145845046 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_202 The request was accepted for processing, but the processing has not been completed yet.
0x801900CB -2145845045 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_203 The returned metadata in the entity-header is not the definitive set available from the server of origin.
0x801900CC -2145845044 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_204 The server has fulfilled the request, but there is no new information to send back.
0x801900CD -2145845043 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_205 The server's response was not valid. The server was not following the defined protocol. Resume the job, and then Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will try again.
0x801900CE -2145845042 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_206 The server fulfilled the partial GET request for the resource.
0x8019012C -2145844948 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_300 The server could not return the requested data.
0x8019012D -2145844947 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_301 The requested resource was assigned to a new permanent Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), and any future references to this resource should use one of the returned URIs.
0x8019012E -2145844946 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_302 The requested resource was assigned a different Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). This change is temporary.
0x8019012F -2145844945 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_303 The response to the request is under a different Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and must be retrieved using a GET method on that resource.
0x80190130 -2145844944 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_304 The server's response was not valid. The server was not following the defined protocol. Resume the job, and then Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will try again.
0x80190131 -2145844943 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_305 The requested resource must be accessed through the proxy given by the location field.
0x80190133 -2145844941 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_307 The URL has been temporarily relocated. Try again later.
0x80190190 -2145844848 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_400 The server cannot process the request because the syntax is not valid.
0x80190191 -2145844847 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_401 The requested resource requires user authentication.
0x80190192 -2145844846 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_402 The server's response was not valid. The server was not following the defined protocol. Resume the job, and then Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will try again.
0x80190193 -2145844845 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_403 The client does not have sufficient access rights to the requested server object. Cannot execute requested URL in the current application pool IIS returns this error in some transient error cases too such as 403.9 -- Forbidden: Too many clients are trying to connect to the Web server.403.15 -- Forbidden: Client access licenses have exceeded limits on the Web server.
0x80190194 -2145844844 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_404 The requested URL does not exist on the server.
0x80190195 -2145844843 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_405 The method used is not allowed.
0x80190196 -2145844842 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_406 No responses acceptable to the client were found.
0x80190197 -2145844841 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_407 Proxy authentication is required.
0x80190198 -2145844840 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_408 The server timed out waiting for the request.
0x80190199 -2145844839 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_409 The request could not be completed because of a conflict with the current state of the resource. The user should resubmit the request with more information.
0x8019019A -2145844838 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_410 The requested resource is not currently available at the server, and no forwarding address is known.
0x8019019B -2145844837 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_411 The server cannot accept the request without a defined content length.
0x8019019C -2145844836 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_412 The precondition given in one or more of the request header fields evaluated to false when it was tested on the server.
0x8019019D -2145844835 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_413 The server cannot process the request because the request entity is too large.
0x8019019E -2145844834 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_414 The server cannot process the request because the request Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is longer than the server can interpret.
0x8019019F -2145844833 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_415 The server's response was not valid. The server was not following the defined protocol. Resume the job, and then Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will try again.
0x801901A1 -2145844831 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_417 The server could not meet the expectation given in an Expect request-header field.
0x801901C1 -2145844799 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_449 The server's response was not valid. The server was not following the defined protocol. Resume the job, and then Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will try again.
0x801901F4 -2145844748 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_500 The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.
0x801901F5 -2145844747 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_501 The server does not support the functionality required to fulfill the request.
0x801901F6 -2145844746 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_502 The server, while acting as a gateway or proxy to fulfill the request, received an invalid response from the upstream server it accessed.
0x801901F7 -2145844745 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_503 The service is temporarily overloaded.
0x801901F8 -2145844744 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_504 The request was timed out waiting for a gateway. Can typically be a DNS issue
0x801901F9 -2145844743 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_505 The server does not support the HTTP protocol version that was used in the request message.
0x801901FA -2145844742 NULL
0x80194000 -2145828864 BITS_MC_JOB_CANCELLED The administrator canceled job on behalf of %3. The job ID was %1.
0x80194001 -2145828863 BITS_MC_FILE_DELETION_FAILED While canceling job, BITS was not able to remove the temporary files.
0x80194002 -2145828862 BITS_MC_FILE_DELETION_FAILED_MORE Due to space limitations, not all files are listed here. Check for additional files of the form BITxxx.TMP in the same directory.
0x80194003 -2145828861 BITS_MC_JOB_PROPERTY_CHANGE The administrator modified the property of job. The job ID was %1.
0x80194004 -2145828860 BITS_MC_JOB_TAKE_OWNERSHIP The administrator took ownership of job. The job ID was %1.
0x80194005 -2145828859 BITS_MC_JOB_SCAVENGED Job was canceled after being inactive for more than xx days. The job ID was %1.
0x80194006 -2145828858 BITS_MC_JOB_NOTIFICATION_FAILURE Job failed to notify its associated application. BITS will retry in xx minutes. The job ID was %1.
0x80194007 -2145828857 BITS_MC_STATE_FILE_CORRUPT The BITS job list is not in a recognized format. It may have been created by a different version of BITS. The job list has been cleared.
0x80194008 -2145828856 BITS_MC_FAILED_TO_START The BITS server failed to start. Try restarting the service at a later time.
0x80200001 -2145386495 BG_E_Not_Found The requested job was not found.
0x80200002 -2145386494 BG_E_INVALID_STATE The requested action is not allowed in the current job state. The job might have been canceled or completed transferring. It is in a read-only state now.
0x80200003 -2145386493 BG_E_EMPTY There are no files attached to this job. Attach files to the job, and then try again.
0x80200004 -2145386492 BG_E_FILE_NOT_AVAILABLE No file is available because no URL generated an error.
0x80200005 -2145386491 BG_E_PROTOCOL_NOT_AVAILABLE No protocol is available because no URL generated an error.

To be continued...

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