Alex Ariza Kicks Freddie Roach And Mock His Disability

Brawl between Rios Camp vs Freddie Roach

It all started when Freddie Roach, coach of Manny Pacquiao, approach Robert Garcia to tell them that it's already their turn to use the gym for Manny Pacquiao's training when things get heated.

Alex Ariza Kicks Manny Pacquiao's Trainer Freddie Roach

Exchange foul words started until Alex Ariza, the conditioning coach of Brandon Rios, which was the former conditioning coach of Pacquiao, kick Freddie roach in the chest.

Freddie felt the impact of the strong kick of Alex Ariza which leads him to retarate to Rios camp.

A member of team Rios also joined the brawl but was stopped by the security.

Alex Ariza didn't stop after he kick Freddie Roach. He also throw foul words to Manny Pacquiao's trainer, calling him "a joke" and even mock his disability.

Freddie Roach is suffering from a Parkinson's disease, which giving him hard time speaking.

Is it personal fight between Freddie Roach and Alex Ariza?

Alex Ariza was the former conditioning coach of Manny Pacquiao for 5 years. He was hired by Freddie Roach and given an oppurtunity to train the best boxer in the world in his prime "Manny Pacquiao".

Freddie and Ariza's relationship begins to sour in the past few fights of Manny. Freddie is complaining about Ariza's role as a conditioning coach and taking everybody's job.

Ariza always wants to be on the ring side when Manny fights, and he is also acting as if he is the coach. Everyone in Manny's corner noticed this characteristic of Ariza.

On the start of Pacquiao Rios training camp, Ariza was fired by Freddie Roach from team Pacquiao. Ariza tried to contact Manny, but the Pacman intrusted the decision to his long time coach.

Rios corner heard about this news, so they call Ariza and Garcia asked him to be the conditioning coach of his fighers. These includes Marcos Maidana, Garcia's brother, and Rios.

What happen when Freddie and Ariza meets again?

Well, it happen what happened. Clearly Freddie Roach intention is to let Robert Garcia know that they're already 30 minutes over time and that it's Pacman's team's time to use the gym, when Garcia refuse to leave and ended up with exchanging of words.

Robert Garcia was able to handle it, but the member of his team just let it out and didn't even care what people would think about them.

This would leave a bad image in Garcia's team. You can't just mock a person with disability and kick him in the chest without doing anything... Ariza has to be sanction with such act, and I'm sure the team Pacman won't let this get away.

Fans are hoping that this won't affect both fighter's performance, or if it would, it will be to bring out the beast in them.

Team Pacquiao and Rios will meet again this afternoon at 5pm 11/20/2013 for their fight conferrence. Everyone is anticipating what will happen next.

You can watch the live streaming for this pre-fight conferrence at the HBO sports website.

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