Brandon Rios VS Manny Pacquiao Fight Prediction

Brandon Rios VS Manny Pacquiao Who wins?

Manny Pacquiao VS Brandon RiosManny Pacquiao appears to be in a top shape in his current photo from Top Rank news. He has been training in the Philippines to prepare for his comeback fight against the hard hitting brawler "Bam Bam" Rios.

Pacquiao who's coming from a devastated knockout loss against Juan Manuel Marquez is looking to regain his glory as one of the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

People have counted out Pacquiao in their top 10 best fighter list after he lost back to back last year against Bradly in a robbery decision, and to Marquez via lucky punch knockout.

The comeback of Manny PacquiaoManny Pacquiao was winning in all three judges before that lucky punch from Marquez hit him, which made the "pee drunkard" Marquez jump for joy like he won a lottery or something. Marquez nose was bleeding so bad in the 6th round and just one more round, it will be a stoppage decision in favor of Pacquiao or if not Marquez's nose will be displace upside down.

This coming November 24, Pacquiao will going to make Rios a walking punching bag like his uncle Margaritto, and the Pacman will once again be on his winning streak.

My Prediction

Poor Rios, he really think he has at least 10 percent chance of winning against the Pacman when in fact, he only has 1 percent chance via lucky punch like what the "old pee drinker" had...Meanwhile, the robbery instrument Timothy Bradly has expressed his interest to fight Pacquiao because he is now ready to be knockout. We'll that's not what he literally said, but he says, he is willing to fight Pacquiao toe to toe in their rematch if it happen.

Everyone knows how one sided the fight was in their first showdown, and I don't see any improvement from Bradley that would make a difference if they do a rematch. Bradley will most likely run like chicken or pig to avoid the knockout, but Pacquiao will come and find him like a storm. Bradley is not a power puncher, check his knockout record you'll see most of his win is via decision. We'll I think he has a lot of Godfather judges.

But before we discuss further about Bradley, let's get back to Rios...ah never mind, nobody knows him(Rios) until he got the chance to fight Pacquiao. Adrien Broner doesn't even know who Rios is when in fact they're in a closer weight division.

Who Wins?

I'm willing to bet for Pacquiao. If anyone is interested to go against, feel free to comment below or shoot me a message so we can discuss the deal as early as possible. Anyways, you won't stand a chance of winning so I'm good if you send me the price as early as now.

Fight Night

I'm so excited to see Manny Pacquiao's performance in his comeback fight this November 24, 2013 which will be held in Macau China. It can also be seen live via pay per view.

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