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DDoS Attact tools Spreading the Internet

What is DDoS Attact? DDoS means "Distributed-Denial-Of-Service Attack" which attempt to iterrupt or suspend services of a host connected to the Internet. The common method of this attack involves saturating the target server with huge external communications request, until it cannot respond to legitimate traffic, and would lead to server overload. This is the attack method used by the "Anonymous Philippines" to deface several Government websites.

DDoS Attack

In order for this method to be effective, it needs hundreds of computers performing the attact at the same time, so recently a source from the "Anonymous Philippines" has spread the automated tools that would let you join the attack to bring down Philippine Government websites.

The tools were uploaded here

Once you get into the site, you will be given these options (see screenshots below)...


You can select any of the 7 options and it will automatically configure your settings. (see screenshots below)

DDoS Bot attack

DDoS bot

anonymous DDoS attack

anonymous DDoS attack

DDoS attack

DDoS attack

You can edit the IP address of the website you are targeting and it will automatically do the rest.

Question: How do I know what is the IP address of a specific website?

Answer: Just follow the instructions below.

1. Run CMD and type "ping "" and hit enter.

2. A ping response will appear. The IP address that response is the IP address of the website.


It is yourself who can judge what you think what is right. I'm personally not against our President, but the corrupt system. Join the Million Mask March tomorrow and show to our Government why they should be afraid of us.

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