Is Rampant Looting in Tacloban Acceptable?

Nov. 9, 2013 is probably one of the saddest and scariest moment we ever had in the Philippines when typhon "Haiyan" also know as "Yolanda", with the speed of 190 mph to 195 mph and gusts 230 mph the most powerful typhoon ever recorded in history has made a landfall and left thousands of people dead, and damaged almost everything it passes to.

I have been a victim of flood myself once during typhoon "Sendong". It was 6am in the morning, the sun is beginning to shine and everyone is getting ready for their daily activity, while others are still sleeping when suddenly the worst flood happen to us in Cagayan de Oro. The flood coming from the mountain rivers wiped out everything it passes thru including our house. We got nowhere left to go so we stayed on top of our roof and hope that the water won't go higher or we will be flooded. We stayed there for hours with no food and water. That was one of the worst experience I had, which has also made me a stronger person after all.

During that time, there were grocery stores that were flooded as well, but no one has ever attempted to steal anything from them even if there's no one watching over the store. It was like a mutual value we all have with our community that stealing is still stealing no matter what the situation is. We could have took everything we can to survive, but we did not. Why? Because we believe that even if you are in the worst situation, stealing is an unjustifiable act. After the flood, that grocery store has distributed relief goods to us in the community as their act of appreciation and help.

I'm sharing this experience because of the videos I've seen in Facebook and youtube. People were looting things from establishments and taking everything they can like Appliances and Cellphones. To me this act is simply an act of stealing, and this can never be justified with the situation their in to.

There's no doubt these people needs help, but if they continue to act like this, I don't think help blessings will pour unto dishonest people. I'm not writing this to stereotype the people of Tacloban, I'm writing this to let you realize that it is our obligation to remind our kababayan what is right and what is not.

The true character of the person comes out in times of difficulties in life, and what these people showed is simply unacceptable. Hopefully our Government can do something about this and stop the looters because the world is watching us, and it is such a shame to show a character like this!

Watch the video.

Despite all these, my thoughts and prayer still goes out to all of you people of Tacloban and to those who were directly affected by the Typhoon. I know how hard it is to start all over again specially if you have lost loved ones and everything you have funded and saved all your life is gone. However, God will take away things that might make us sad and hurt us deeply, but there's always a reason behind everything. His wisdom is just so great that we people might not understand at first. Let's still be thankful and always do the right thing.