Social Reaction: Super Typhoon Haiyan a Natural disaster?

The strongest typhoon ever recorded on earth's history has devastatingly hit the Philippines leaving thousands of people dead, and left millions of architectural damage. Is this a Natural disaster? read more..

The super typhoon "Haiyan" made it's first land fall in "Tacloban", Philippines with the speed of 190 to 195 mph, with gusts to 230 mph according to the U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Pearl Harbor. This destroyed about 80% of the area and left thousand of people dead and missing. Most of the deaths appear to have been caused by surging sea water strewn with debris that many said resembled a tsunami, leveling houses and drowning hundreds of people in one of the worst natural disasters to hit the typhoon-prone Southeast Asian nation.  Aid groups and local media described “storm surge and flash flooding . . . with significant damage to buildings and homes,” the report said. “Humanitarian partners reported rooftops of even secure buildings were blown away. Waves reached 12 to 15 feet in Samar and Leyte. In some areas, flash floods reached the second floor of buildings.” Until this time, thousands of people are still missing and survivors are having scarcity problem with food and clean water.

This unfortunate incident made me ask a question, is this caused by a natural disaster? Or a man made experiment gone bad?

I have watched a documentary about weather modification system being use as a weapon by large countries, like USA, Russia, Soviet Union, and China. It has the capacity to create storm, hurricane, earthquakes, and can even create rain in the desert. This technology is called the "Haarp Weather Modification System", which has a total of 10 locations all over the world. Three of these are owned by the US Government. I don't think the US will attack the Philippines for no reason since this two countries are a close allies ever since, but what if this is an experiment conducted in the pacific and went out of control? Is it a coincidence that both natural disaster hit in the same location? I'm referring to one of the strongest 7.2 magnitude earthquake that recently hit the Visayas part of the Philippines before the super storm "Haiyan" damaged the same region. Just recently, another storm is beginning to form in the pacific and would most likely take "Haiyan's" route. However, these are just questions that cannot be proven with a fact, but is possible to happen.

The fact is that, Philippines is located inside the pacific plate which is also known as the "pacific ring of fire" which is prone to earthquakes, tsunami, and storms. It might have also caused by climate change which have contributed to form of the super typhoon "Haiyan".

Ring of fire 

Whatever the cause of this unfortunate event, the only fact is that, people has lost members of their family, sons, daughters, mother, father, relatives, and their houses. My thoughts and prayers goes to the people who were directly affected by the typhoon.

Watch the video documentary of "History" and let us know your thoughts.