Sports News: Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao vs Brandon "Bam Bam" Rios 24/7 Episode 1

 Manny Pacquiao VS Brandon Rios will end in a knockout of either fighter.

Pacquiao vs RiosManny Pacquiao is coming of a devastated knock-out loss against Juan Manuel Marquez in their 4th time clash Dec. of last year. That made Pacquiao to take time off in boxing for almost a year to regain his confidence and heal his mind and body.

Everyone was extremely shock with how the fight ended that even I could not believe what I saw. A two inch punch from Marquez hits the moving forward Pacquiao in the face, causing him to be unconscious for almost two minutes.

On the other hand, Brandon "Bam Bam" Rios is also coming from an upset unanimous decision loss against Mike Alvarado whom he once knocked out. Alvarado made the fight even with Rios by coming out as an improved boxer than their previous bout.

Both fighters are looking to regain their winning streak on Nov. 23rd in Macau as they face each other in an expected firework match between two offensive fighters.

Pacquiao's key to winning the fight would be his quickness, power, and experience. Based on boxing history, a boxer has a higher chance to win against the brawler. However, Rios is not just a moving forward brawler, but a strong puncher as well. This gives him a great chance of knocking out Pacquiao.

If Pacquiao can still take punches, especially Rios' power then the fight would surely go to Pacquiao's favor. Another advantage for Pacquiao is that, Rios has never met a fighter as fast, and as good as himself.

In the latest 24/7 Episode, Pacquiao is showing no signs of doubt in his mind that he still has his power and speed.

Most people are saying that he should retire because of the outcome of his previous fight against Marquez, but Pacquiao is looking at in a different way. He believes that his performance that night was one of the best performance he had, until he got hit by the perfect counter punch setup of Marquez.

That fight is like a wake up call for Manny Pacquiao not to be over confident and should take boxing seriously. He has been over confident in his last two fights against Bradley and Marquez, and he lost both of this two fights. However, most people still believe that even it's not the 100% Pacquiao comes out against Bradley, he still won the fight. That was very controversial decision of course.

In the last episode of Pacquiao Rios 24/7, the Filipino pride is shows great determination in his training and is looking to be back on top of the boxing world, and regain his glory as the king of boxing.

If he can come out strong and show as the Pacquiao we saw against Margaritto, Cotto, Hatton, and Oscar, then he will have a great chance of winning a decisive, or even a knockout win against Rios. Then it might make us forget what happen in the last Marquez fight.

You can watch the video from the link below if you haven't seen 24/7 Pacquiao Rios Episode 1.

Two great warriors looking to regain their winning pride. Pacquiao is coming off a devastated knockout against Marquez, and Rios coming out a  unanimous  decision loss against Alvarado. Watch their story behind the public media, and follow them until they stepped in the ring on Nov. 23.

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