New Updates in Windows 8.1

What's new with Windows 8.1?  

It's back, the start button is right where it should be. Do take note this is not the actual menu, it's just a shortcut to the start screen which you can go to by going to the charm and press on start. However, being there makes it so convenient. If you right click on it, you can go to programs and features, power options, Event Viewer, System, and a whole lot more. 

The new start screen. You can see similarities to the Windows phone 8 specifically with its new tile sizes. If you want to change the sizes, you can right click on the app and it will let you select what sizes you wish. You can also easily name group since the option is right there above the apps where it says name group. There's also a little arrow on the bottom left were when you click on it, it will give you a lists of apps that you have installed on your computer. You can now also personalize your pc by opening the charms and selecting settings, and personalize. Not only you can choose from pre-setup on certain themes but you can also change it by variations of background colors whatever your heart desires. You can also use the desktop background as the start screen background and you kinda get the sense that it's like floating.

To get access to the modern control panel, you can click on your picture on the upper right and select change picture. Then you will see a cool tap interface where you can make changes on your account, sync options, and its very fast and clean looking. You will also see the option for the lock screen, and a new feature to select a slide show and you can also change screen resolution from there. It also has an integrated SkyDrive where you can select the sync options.

If you have like 1280x1024 screen resolution you can snap it in 3 to 4 ways which was not supported before and now you can have it. It also comes with all the cool apps like the alarm, sound recorder etc... Help is also there and its going to be very very useful for the users of Windows 8.1.

When you go to the store app, it looks entirely new. You can see the pics reviews, highlights, and its really nice. The classic apps are still there like the weather, news, calendar, and all the apps that comes with windows 8.

Another incredible feature for Windows 8 is called the boot to desktop. Go to navigation then you will have this new option starting with replace command prompt with power shell, so if you uncheck this the actual command prompt is still there but you will also see an option for PowerShell.  What it will do is instead of booting the computer into the start screen automatically brings you to the desktop.

That's about it. Thank you for reading, if you have any thoughts about Windows 8.1 share it on the comment box. Thanks