Philippines Government Response to Yolanda Victims

Is it Our Government To Blame in This Tradegy?

A reporter from CNN Anderson Cooper reported about the current situation of typhoon victims, particularly Tacloban has been trending in social media like facebook and twitter lately regarding the lack of aid and military presence. This gains massive attention from the people of the Philippines, and the world watching the news.

They compared the Philippines response in this disaster with Japan. According to the CNN reporter, in day 2 after the tsunami hit Japan, you'll see Japanesse Defense Force conducting search and rescue operation to the area using their stick. Unlike here in the Philippines, it's now day 6 and you'll still see dead bodies all over the street and people begging for food to eat.

Is this because of lack Government response to this situation?

According to our President, they are doing everything they can to help the survivors. But the question is, is it enough? According to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who is one of the government official who immediately responded to the victims of this disaster, declaring a national calamity is not enough. It should be a national state of emergency so we can bring our troops to the area and help aid those typhoon victims.

I believe he has a point, the typhoon coverage is so large that our government might not be able to provide immediate help to all the victims. There is no local government to enforce the situation because they themselves are victims. I believe our Government is doing something to help the victims, but it's not enough.

Should we blame or Government?

It's not the right time to put a blame on our own Government. It's just not the right time. Even though I certainly believe that no one has prepare for this situation which should be the job of our Government. We are being warned that the strongest typhoon ever recorded in history is heading to us, yet we did not prepare immediate help to possible victims. Unlike what happen to Japan when a tsunami strike without warning, and yet they were able to provide immediate response to their people right after.

What should we do?

Ask yourself, are you making the victims situation better by bashing our Government? What do you think the other country will think about us? What I want to say is that, this is not the right time to put a blame on anyone. I've seen battle of the politician supporters, churches, and media in social networks which I don't think can do any good to the victims.

Let's stop sharing such kind of posts that would create anger, and depression to everyone. We have the power to make the typhoon victims life better by sharing post about helping. That would encourage other to help, not the other way around. I've heard people lost their willingness to help after watching the news that our Government is not doing anything or enough to help, and I'm sure more people are feeling the same.

It's not yet too late...there are more things we can do to help. Spread the word about helping, and encourage everyone. We all can make a difference, a simple help like packing relief goods, or sharing encouraging post to will make a big difference.