Make Your Windows 8 Computer's Performance Faster

Speed up your Windows 8 Computer 

Windows 8 is indeed the fastest operating system today, but it doesn't mean it can't be tweaked to make it more faster.. You are reading this post because you care about speed so much, so hopefully you'll have some take away after reading. Follow the instructions carefully.   

Go to the start screen and start typing "System" and select settings. 
Windows 8 performance option
Go to advance settings, and click on the settings on the Performance part. 

Now on the Performance Options, select "adjust for best performance" and check the boxes for the feature you want enabled. Click Apply, then click OK. 

Go to the start screen and start typing "Windows Features" and select settings. Click on the options where it says turn Windows Features On or Off.   

  • Uncheck Windows Internet Explorer 10 if you don't use it that much or if you're using google chrome or firefox. 
  • Uncheck "Print and Documents services" if you're not using a printer for a network. 
  • Don't check the features you're not using there. Then click OK 

Go to the manager and click on startup and click all details. Disabling unnecessary programs will save you a lot of processor usage which would make the processor work faster. Look for unnecessary programs running and disable it. If you don't know what is the specific program running on your computer, google it to be sure. 

Download the Adavance System Care Pro and install it on the computer. It has several useful components including registry tweaks, defragmentation, browser cleanup, security hole, and a lot more. I would suggest running it once a day. 

Another thing you can do is by going to the start screen and start typing "disk cleaner" and go to settings. Now select all the boxes to check and click OK and delete files. 

Lastly, go back to search for disk defragment and select your C: drive and select on disk defragment.  

That's basically it. Thanks.