Bypass Administrator Password for Windows 7

 Forgot administrator password for Windows 7, and Vista? 

It's really a hassle when you forget your Administrator user account password. In most cases, people will sort it out by re-installing the operating system, but if this question “how do I login to my computer without the administrator password?” will be answered, then it would save you more time and resources.

Today, I will be teaching you what we do to bypass the user administrator password of any windows 7 or vista computer. Our objective is to get into the hidden administrator account for the computer. It has all the access and control over your computer. Click here for more information.  

Now, so much for the introduction.  Follow this 4 simple steps.

1. Restart the computer. 

2. While the computer is rebooting, press F8 on your keyboard until the Windows boot      selection pop up. 

3. Select safe mode with command prompt

safe mode with command prompt

4. On the command prompt window, type explorer.exe and hit enter. 

That's it! Welcome to the super administrator account where you can modify the password of your user account.  

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Note: This tutorial is intended for educational purposes only.