Dust Removal for CPU | Hardware Maintenance Tutorial

Hardware Maintenance Tutorial

Your computer is a big investment and you want it to stick around for a long time. One of the parts of the computer that you definitely want is to keep it clean from dust.

Make sure to keep it either up instead of on the floor. Especially on the carpet because all that dust will generate down there and as it sucks in the air it will landed on the floor and speed up the process of layering dust all over your computer. Although even if your computer is  in your desk, it will still accumulate dust. It’s just one of the thing that will happen over time. So, how are you going to clean your computer from dust?

First is you need to open the case (Please refer to the manual from your computer manufacturer).  Some of the computer made by Dell or HP will have a latch that you need to push and it will open up.  But in generic cases, there Is usually screws that you need to remove. Now you need a can of compressed air, or even an anti-static wipe. The reasons for that is, static is your computer's enemy so you want to make sure when your touching components inside the computer itself if you are grounded to the case. Because on little spark of static electricity onto one of the components will totally destroy whatever piece of equipment you are touching.

Dust removal for CPU Tower
Dust inside the system unit

What you clean first is the fan blowing on the processor to cool it down also know as the heat sink. Give it a couple of air bursts to throw out the dusts. Another place that generate some heat is the RAM modules, usually located next to the processor. Give it a couple of air bursts too.  

Dust acts like a blanket, it will keep coating and instead of letting the heat dissipate the way it normally does. It retains that heat and eventually it will cause the computer components to fail quicker. Eventually computer will die so  we want to make them last as long as we can.   

The other components is your graphics card. Nowadays, they usually have a kind of fan build onto them so they are going to be sucking in air as well and coating dust.   Give it a couple of air burst to make sure there is no dust left on it.  

Another part is your Hard Drive located on the side. That will accumulate a lot of dust too since it constantly spinning and generate a lot of heat so give it a couple of air burst too.
Computer clog with dust
Dust clog inside the system unit

After you blown the dust out of your computer case, make sure all the dust out as you can to keep your computer clean. Again, keep it up on a desk or keep it off the floor and I would suggest you perform this at least every three months, six months the most.  

DISCLAIMER:  This tutorial requires basic computer hardware knowledge. The author will not be responsible for any damages result by not being able to follow the procedure correctly.