Most Effective Virus Removal Method

Free Online PC Virus/Malware Scanner - Making sure your Windows computer is secured

The most common problem among Windows operating system users are Virus/Malware. I have been dealing with these problem for years in my stay at Microsoft as a technician and I can say that at first it would appear to be complicated. But when you get used to it, it becomes really easy.

Most common signs that your computer is infected with a virus are;

Computer takes time to boot. There are several factors why the computer boots slow. These could be cause by a missing or corrupted system components, startup programs, multiple antivirus, and virus infection.

Several tool bars and pop-up on the browser. When you download something, be sure not to check those unnecessary add-ins and download only the program you need. Those extra programs might serve as a backdoor for malware.

You got redirected to a specific page. This is caused by a malware taking over the browser's settings. This is one of the most common indication that the computer is infected.

There are hundreds of causes why the computer got infected with a virus. These are just the basic signs for the majority of the users. This tutorial will apply to Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. These tools can be downloaded for FREE.

Step 1. Run a rootkit removal tool.
It is important that you run this tool first, because rookit is responsible for hiding malware/viruses in the system. Download and run this software from Kaspersky Internet Security.

Kaspersky rootkit removal

Step 2. Download and run the ESET Online Scanner.
This is one of my favorite free virus removal tool since it really digs the system and removes those malicious software hidden in the computer. This tool takes time to finish but it's worth to wait.

Eset online scanner

Step 3. Third but not the least. Download and run the HitmanPro 3.
This is a second opinion virus scanner/removal tools. This will check for infected files and deletes threats found.

Free hitmanpro

Note: These tools requires a stable Internet connection as it runs using cloud technology.