Speed Up Your Internet Browsing With DNS

How to make your Internet browsing experience faster with DNS Server?

First of all, what is DNS Server? DNS Server is responsible for naming your website in a readable manner. Without DNS we will be typing the IP address of the website instead of the name.

Example, let's say Facebook's IP is, because of DNS Server we type DNS server plays a major role in your browsing experience. If your computer is infected with a malware/virus that changes DNS, it will keep routing you to the wrong site which will lead your computer to be infected with even more viruses or worst, steal your personal information.   

By default, your internet service provider has their own DNS server that is automatically set to your modem. The problem is that, here in the Philippines, we have this law called Fair Usage Policy which is now being implemented by all the Internet Service provider. The Fair Usage Policy limits or capped the internet bandwidth we're getting. This was first implemented by PLDT, then followed by Globe and Smart.   

My personal suggestion is, use a different DNS Server instead of relying to the DNS server set by you Internet Service Provider. I have notice a lot of improvement when it comes to opening web pages and playing youtube videos. My theory is that, if you have a fast Internet download speed, but slow DNS Server, opening web pages will still be delayed. As mentioned earlier, DNS Server is responsible for processing your browsers request. So if your DNS Server is slow with processing the requests, then there will be a delay with loading the web pages even if you have a fast internet download speed.  

I will be sharing my own collection of DNS Servers which I collected through research, benchmark tool, etc... Here are the best DNS Server I have tried so far;  



PLDT 139  


Current Virgin Media DNS Servers  
Primary DNS:  
Secondary DNS:  

Name Servers –  



 Starhub DNS   
Globe DNS   
Globe DNS International    
Open DNS  

Google Public DNS  

 The below DNS could also be used but would seem to be reserved for somebody way up the company: (  

As of now these are the DNS Server, I have. I'll be adding more to this list in the next update.   

If you have something to add, please leave a comment below. Thanks