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Configuring a POP3 account with Mail in Windows 8 PC

As you know the Mail app that is included in Windows 8 computer does not support POP3 accounts. The following is the workaround by using
With, you can link an existing POP account to your Microsoft Account.  
Here are the steps:
1. Log into with your Microsoft Account

2. At the top right, click on the setting icon

Configuring a POP3 account with Mail in Windows 8 PC

3. Select “More Mail Settings”.  This will bring up the inbox option

4. Select “Sending/Receiving mail from other accounts”

setting up outlook 2013

5. You will then see a page where you can add the details of the account.  Make sure you click on “Advanced options”.  This will provide you the field boxes for the POP configuration.


6. Configure your Windows 8 PC with the same Microsoft account that you used to log into (if it has not been done yet).

7. You should also consider changing the “Reply-to address” if you want to use the same address from the POP account.  By default, will use the Microsoft Account address.  This configuration can also be set on the “More Mail Settings” page.

Known PC Office 2013 issue regarding this solution

When replying to a message delivered to the POP3 address, the message will be sent from the account, not the POP account and may include a “on behalf of header”

Example: From on behalf of
The Mail app is only able to send from the account that it has the settings for. So when I reply to a POP3 message with my account via the Mail app, the messages is sent from the account and not the POP3 account and there is no on behalf of header. While there is an option to change the account in which you are sending from, there is not an option to select your POP account from the Mail app.