Changing Windows PC Background Log-on Screen

Changing Windows PC background log-on screen

Alright, you probably has already downloaded the tool, if not, you can find the link below. Keep reading... As promise in the notes, I will be giving you the password here. See below; 

The password is rorounicosine 

This tutorial would be about how you can change your windows logon screen with just a few clicks.
We all want something new to see in our computer, that’s why we keep changing our Windows themes, desktop image, and even icons for the computer applications.
Now, here’s the tool that would definitely help you out. I’m sure you’ll like how easy it is to use. Just follow the three simple steps below. Hopefully it's clear, and if ever you have any question I will be happy to reply to your comment. 
Without further introduction, here are the steps; 
Step 1 Download the tool here: rorounicos  

Before anything else, you will need to download the tool first. Click the link and come back here after you have downloaded the tool. 

Step 2 Extract and install the file 

I believe you now have the tool so let’s go to the next step. Extract and install the tool. I guarantee it is 100% virus free. I scanned it with Malwarebytes and AVG before I uploaded it.  

Changing Startup Background
Step 3 Open the file and start changing your logon screen image 
Open the program and click on the “Change Logon Screen”. It will give you the option to select a file or picture you want to use. 
Changing Startup Background
Select the picture you want to use for the startup screen and that should be it. You can also click on the “Test” button to check how it looks like using the picture you selected.
Hopefully you like my short tutorial and again, if you have any question please don’t hesitate to comment below. Thank you.