Microsoft Office 2013 Installation issues | Solution Part 2

Microsoft Office 365 | 2013 Errors

Microsoft Office 2013 is the newest version of Office application from Microsoft. Since this is a newer software release, we will be expecting several bugs or issues that are yet discovered. Here are some of the most common issues and fix for Microsoft Office 2013.
Something went wrong

Office 2013 pc applications crashes after installation
This issue could be caused by the add-ins for the application. Try removing the add-ins, remove the dock bar, and restart the computer.
Language Pack Reflecting on Office 2013 PC My Account Page is Not English
The probable cause of this issue is that, you have tried redeeming a free upgrade through then after a successful redemption, the installer was set to a different language.
It can also possibly cause by the IP address that you used while redeeming the product. These are just probable causes.
To get through this, you will need to install the Language pack manually though this link .
The above link gives a free download of 32 bit and 64 bit version of the English Language Pack.

Unable to access My Account page or product already redeemed issue
In this instances you can access this direct link:
This link contains the bootsrapper file (x86). The link came from the Microsoft Store Team. You can either click on the link and enter the product key, or type in your Microsoft Account.

Error: Check the Internet Connection or Hard Drive Space while installing Office 2013
The probable causes of this is that, there could be not enough space on the C: Hard Drive or there is a problem with the internet connection.
1. Check if the hard drive has enough space. Make sure it has at least 3.0 GB available.
2. Make sure that you are getting a stable internet connection. Installation for the click to run office 2013 bootstrapper file will not push though in this instance and will cause the error to appear.

Error: Something went wrong while installing Office 2013 Perpetual/Office 365 Home Premium
1. Most probably there are fragments of the Office 2013 files. Uninstall the MS Office completely out of the computer. You can run the fixit tool in this link support
2. Re-install Office 2013 through the Office my account page.

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