How To Speed up Your Computers Performance

How to Optimize Your Windows PC

Average users only perform computer maintenance when the computer is already slow or virus infected.

Everyday, your computer receiving information from the net which will leave traces on your computer. These traces will sometimes become a back-door for Trojan viruses or worms which will eventually infect the system components and slow down your computers performance. This is usually the cases for work computers without regular maintenance.

PC regular Maintenance
PC regular Maintenance

I have been working with different malware/virus infected Windows computers, and all I can say is that, they have one thing in common. They are slow to reboot and you can see several ads poping up on the browser. It's not hard to know if your computer is infected with a virus or malware. Here are the most common indication when the computer is virus infected.
1. Computer takes time to open a program. 

When you select a program, it usually opens right away. But when the computer is infected with a virus, you'll be counting seconds or even minutes before it pop up. Why? Because there are malwares that will go with it which makes it heavy for the computer to load. Most viruses will infect the computer the moment you selected or run a virus infected programs.

2. Irregular performance activity on the Task Manager.

When you see a performance activity irregularity even if there are no programs open, then that's definitely a sign of malware/virus. This also indicates that there is a hidden application or program running on the background.

 3. Tool bars and Add-ons on the browser

Usually computer, these unnecessary add-ons serves as a virus/malware back-door. These will usually comes with free-ware you downloaded on the Internet. Most of these ads will take a lot of resources in the computer and will eventually crash the browser, or worse the system. Make it a habit of disabling tool bars and add-ons on the computer.

These three are the most common scenarios I find on average users computers. Does your computer shows one of these? If so, you need a to perform a comprehensive maintenance get your computer back in shape.

Free yourselves from the hassle of having a computer problem. Make a regular computer maintenance and add joy to your Internet browsing experience.