Added Security Features for Microsoft Accounts

Added Security Features for Microsoft Accounts

First of all, what is Microsoft account? Microsoft account can be,,, and It allows you to make transactions on Microsoft products as well as Windows 8 and 8.1 purchases in the App store. You also have the option to enroll any types of e-mail into a Microsoft account, like yahoo or google.

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Just recently, Microsoft has rolled out new security feature for Microsoft accounts where it allows you to view your account activities and sign-ins.
This feature will allow you to monitor your account if someone is trying to access without your permission. It will also show you the location of the access attempts.

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Added Recovery Codes

The ability  to create a secure recovery code has been added. This can be use to regain access to your account even if you forget the other security information.
A receovery code is like a spare key to your house, however you can only request one recovery code at a time. Requesting a new code cancels the old one.

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More control of Security Notifications

You have more control where you want to send the security notifications.

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