How to Create A USB Recovery Drive For Windows 8

Create a USB recovery drive for Windows 8 and RT

Before creating a USB recovery drive, check for the recovery partition of your PC.  If it doesn't have one, then create the recovery drive.

Here are the steps on creating a recovery partition.

1. Search for the command prompt and select to run as administrator.

2. type recimg /showcurrent, then hit enter.

If you encounter a message stating "There is no active custom recovery image"  error 0x80070490 that means there is no recovery drive in your computer.

To create a recovery partition; follow this steps.

1. Search for CMD, then right click on it and select to run as administrator. If you will be prompted with the windows warning, just click OK or continue.

2. Type mkdir C:\RefreshImage, then hit enter.

3. Now create the image in the folder you created, still on the cmd, type recimg -CreateImage C:\RefreshImage, hit enter.

Create the recovery drive

You'll be prompted by the buit-in tool for Windows 8 and RT on how big the recovery partition is. Your USB flashdrive will depend on the size of your recovery partition.