Windows 8.1 First Look | Added Feature Reviews

Windows 8.1 Review

Windows 8.1 Tech4windows
Windows 8.1 is the latest update for the fastest operating system today, which is Windows 8. There are several features added to Windows 8.1, it will definitely won't fit in a one article so I'm going to show you some of the coolest features that comes with it.

Lock Screen
The lock screen for Windows 8.1 has now turned into a beautiful SkyDrive powered photo frame  that brings all your picture from your PC, SkyDrive, and Phone all into one place.

Windows 8.1 Start Screen
When you open up Windows 8. You will be welcome with the Start Screen. You will notice that there is a couple of added tile sizes. There is a large tile that you can use for Weather, Mails, or entire day of Calendar Appointments. There is also a small live tiles which lets you create a very efficient Start Screen.
All Apps Screen
One of the features improved by Windows 8.1 is the all app screen. You can view it by swiping up on the Start Screen and you'll see all the list of apps installed on your PC. You can also sort the list to see by name, by date installed, by most used, or by category. To pin an app to the start screen, you just press and hold the app, and press pin to start.

Personalization Options

You can now select a whole new colors for your start screen. It has also added a whole new motion accents where it follows your finger and moves in the background. It also added the ability to let you choose to put to desktop wallpaper right behind the Start Screen. 

New Search Feature 
This is one of the best added feature for Windows 8.1. For example you search for "Linkin Park". The search result will show an app like result presentation where it brings together the results on the PC and on the web in one place.  It contains information, images, links to other queries, actions you can do directly from the search results. It also shows you what exactly the webpage is going to look like when you open it. It also has image tools that lets you choose what color of images you want to bring back, or the size you want to see in the faces.  
Windows 8.1 is powered by the Cloud. The important part of this is the SkyDrive which gives you gigs of space that allows you to put on your files so it will be available on every PC that's connected to the Internet.
Multitasking has made easy in Windows 8.1 by the ability to open attached pictures or files on the e-mail side by side automatically without closing the mail. And if you have a larger screen, you can put three  or even four apps side by side all at once.
These are just a few features added to the latest Windows 8.1. More cool reviews about Windows 8.1 coming soon.