Adding Start Menu in Windows 8

There's lot of stuffs we like about Windows 8. There's a fast boot time, low system requirements, the Windows 8 UI which is very customizable like taking or adding apps, zoom in or out the apps, we like the fast sleep and wake, the new task manager which gives a whole new diagnostic tools, file copies that can be pause and tells you what's the speed its going at, the classic desktop mode, and a whole lot more.  
Windows 8 Startscreen

The thing most people don’t like about  Windows 8 is when they go to the classic desktop screen and they don't see the start menu. And that's the software I will be sharing to you right now. In a few simple steps, you'll be able to get the start menu back to Windows 8. 

  • First, download the Classic App Here. 
  • Run the setup and install. It will download the latest version of the start menu app.
  • Now, check on your desktop. The start button should now appear. 

What's great about the latest start menu is that you can customize its looks from Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. You can also change the basic settings, like your Windows key button, context menu, sound, search box settings, animation, icon size,  and anything you want on your start menu.
Window 8 start screen

It doesn't make sense to buy an older operating system. Windows 8 has a longer support cycle from Microsoft. If what's holding you back from upgrading to Windows 8 is the start menu, then here it is. A more significant and flexible start menu than the one built-in in Windows 7.