Restarting Windows 8 in Safe Mode

How to restart Windows 8 in Safe Mode? 

We will be talking about a more advance option for Windows 8. Unlike Windows 7,  advance options for Windows 8 is hidden and it can't be viewed on the regular screen. To view the advance settings and restart the computer in safe mode or safe mode with networking you will have to follow these steps. 

  1. Press the windows key on your keyboard and press C to bring up the charms bar. 

  1. Select the Advance settings, then go to the General tab. 

  1. Scroll down to the last option for Advance Start-up, then click on restart. The computer will initialize the restart then the advance settings will show up. 

PC Settings Windows 8

  1. You will have 3 options to choose. Select Troubleshoot. 

Advance settings Options Windows 8

  1. You will be given another 3 options either to;

  • Refresh your PC 
  • Reset your PC 
  • Advance options. 

SelecAdvance options. 

Windows 8 Advance settings options

  1. Now on the Advanced options window you will find;

  • System Restore 
  • System Image Recovery 
  • Automatic Repair 
  • Command Prompt 
  • Startup Settings 

Select Startup Settings. 

  1. On the Startup Settings you will find the options( see below) Click on Restart.

  • Enable low-resolution video mode 
  • Enable debugging mode 
  • Enable boot logging 
  • Enable Safe Mode 
  • Disable Driver Signature Enforcement 

Advance startup settings Windows 8

  1. After you restart the computer, the Start-up Settings will welcome you on the start. You will be given the options on how you would like to start the computer. You can use the number keys or F1-F9 to select an option. To select more options press F10 and to return to the normal mode press Enter. Press F4 or number 4 to start the computer in safe mode 

  1. Login using your user information and that's it. You should be in safe mode now. 

Remember: The functionality of your Windows 8 will be limited. Working in safe mode environment is ideal for troubleshooting malware/virus issues and repair system components. 

Note: This tutorial is intended for educational purposes only. There might be other option on how to start Windows 8 in safe mode, however, I believe this would be easier for an average user to follow.