Stop Sharing Negative News


Unlike in the 90s, information nowadays can easily be access online. Even Government announcements like if there's a typhoon or earthquake, people all over the world will know it real time. This is one of the many benefits social media sites brings. However, its also becoming a source of defamation, and wrong information.

Based on my observation, bad news gets many shares than good news. People seemed to be interested in sharing negative news, especially about Government, to their friends rather than positive and inspiring ones.

This trends were seened by the black hat SEO's as an opportunity to get visits on their websites, and Likes to their Facebook pages.

As a concerned netizen, I am calling you all out my fellow netizen to stop sharing negative links or posts which would only discourage our fellow Filipino's. Instead, share positive posts and encouraging links. We have the power to influence lives of others by the simple posts we share so use it wisely and stop sharing negative thoughts to people.

Don't get me wrong. I want change from the rotten political system in our country too! I'm not saying that we totally stop sharing negative posts about our Government. What I'm suggesting is that, stop sharing negative posts that are baseless and with personal motives. Before you share, make sure you read and check the credibility of the article or else you will look stupid by people who knows the truth.