My Thoughts About Windows 8

Windows 8 review 

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. In the past few years, nobody seems to be talking about it. Everybody seems to be focus on mobile IOS, and Android however Windows still accounts for over 65% market share when you compare to the other operating system such as Linux, IOS, and Android. With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has revamped the whole thing from the ground up. It’s been getting a lot of mix reviews some people love it, some hated it. 

But mainly the change, it doesn’t matter what kind of change they just don’t like what's different from what they were used to. When Facebook changed their interface, people started to hate it and then everybody gets used to it. Windows is here to stay, and Microsoft has produced great product in Windows 8.

The biggest changed in Windows 8 is the complete modern user interface. People are used to the Windows 7 interface and then here comes Windows 8 with entirely different UI which makes everybody freak out. If you really think about the modern UI, it’s actually pretty smart. You’ll have different application shows up on the Start screen and giving real time feed. It also allows you to label or group your apps. 

It also load faster and smoother than Windows 7. What Windows 8 really shines the most is that, no matter if you are using your desktop, notebook pc, or your tablet, the experience is the same and that’s where Microsoft really nailed it. This is really a bold move on Microsoft and I believe its going to pay off in the end.

The other thing Windows 8 has to offer is better speed, and overall battery life if you’re on a notebook. Overall, the experience is a whole lot better, so it’s really hard to dislike Window 8 specially with the Windows Surface that unifies your experience with the desktop computer and a tablet. It’s like a two in one product. 

I’m happy with the new Windows 8 product of Microsoft. They have done something very bold while others like Apple slowly integrating Mountain Lion with IOS then here it is, Microsoft just knocked out apple by introducing the future with Windows 8.  

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